Book Review 158 // Dead Drop by Mike Brooks

I love these Necromunda short stories so much. I fear that when they end, I come to miss the setting and the mini adventures taking place within. This week's tale is Dead Drop by Mike Brooks; looking at the cover, I realize straight away we have another Orlock story. Come Black Library author, give us stories from the other houses! Don't get me wrong, Orlock's are fun, but it seems heavily swung towards them. They are basically the Ultramarines of Necromunda.

Here is the fluff:

A daring raid on a moving transport puts the Road Dogs Orlock gang in danger as rivals seek the same prize and the unexpected strikes.

The Road Dogs, an Orlock gang in the depths of Necromunda's underhive, are on the trail of a big score. Danner Grimjack, the gang's leader, has planned meticulously, and now it all comes down to the execution. As they go into action, the Road Dogs tackle the Steel Crescents, their Van Saar rivals, on a moving transporter. Danner can only hope the prize is worth the hassle…

Author: Mike Brooks

I feel like Mike Brooks must have been watching Mad Max or playing games of Gaslands. If you haven't guessed yet, I can confirm this is a vehicle chase heavy read. The main character Danner Grimjack is the leader of a close-knit gang of Orlocks. The Orlock's territory seems near the edge of the Hive allowing for adventures out in the wastes, which is pretty unique for the setting. The Gang - Road Dogs - have received intel that a rival gang of Van Saars are collecting cargo dropped by a trader in the waste. You would only do this to avoid security checks, meaning it is worth something to someone.

As soon as the ambush is launched, we are treated to a pretty epic car chase action scene, which packs a lot of new world-building scenes into a short amount of time. Once again, I am left wanting more and genuinely hope we get more outside the Hive books soon.

I enjoyed the book; it could easily be transferred into an apocalyptic setting, which shows how timeless these stories can be. But the authentic takeaway for me is now working out a stealth van for delaques to drive around in. Watch this space!

Want to read to this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: Dead Drop by Mike Brooks

Robots!! Must be Miniature Monday

Welcome to another Adventures with Peps unboxing.

You know the drill. I recently received my pre-order from Warlord Games. Having already reviewed the Wally Squad (Youtube Link) and the Klegg Hai! (Youtube Link), all I have left is the Mega-City Robots.

Most Mega-City citizens are generally too lazy to get off their backsides and do the menial work these semi-sentient robots perform.

Robots have 'AZI-MOV protocols' forbidding them from harming a human. Yet, some break their programming. Mega-City One has been hit with two major robot-related conflicts. The first was initiated by the rogue 'Call-me-Kenneth' unit. A bloody campaign of extermination against the 'Fleshy Ones' ensued. The second was precipitated by the arch-criminal Nero Narcos, who unleashed hordes of Assassinator Droids' bid to seize control of Mega-City One.

Despite these incidents, robots continue to be an indispensable part of Mega-City life. With Mega-City One's population decimated by recent events, the presence of robots as a tireless workforce has become ever more critical.

Box Contains:

  • 5 Mega-City Robots:
    • DemoBot
    • WarBot
    • SecBot
    • UtilBot
    • MedBot
  • 5 Unit Cards
  • 1 Armoury Car: Repair Kit
  • 1 Big Meg Card: Call-me-Kenneth

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Audio Review 59 // The Predator Hunters and Hunted

Looks like I am back on the Aliens/Predator franchise again. I keep getting hooked to this series again and again. For me, this series just sums up everything I love about true sci-fi. Humanity is weak, and the deep dark is fucking scary!

Today's audiobook is the prequel to the movie The Predator. Let us dive in and get on with it!

Title: The Predator: Hunters And Hunted Official Movie Prequel

Series: (Aliens / Predator / Prometheus)

Author: James A. Moore

Fluff: The official prequel novel leads into the summer blockbuster The Predator, Shane Black's new movie set within the universe of the previous films. With a screenplay by Shane Black and Fred Dekker, the film stars Yvonne Strahovski, Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Sterling Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Edward James Olmos, Jake Busey, and more. Author James ...more.

Get a copy via Amazon:

Published by: Titan Books

Let's get obvious out the way. This is a prequel to The Predator's film; it was designed to bring parties interested in the incoming film and drive excitement. James A. Moore is a great writer, and he quickly absorbs you into the story. There are quite a few characters to remember, which leads to confusion. Still, General Woodhurst, Roger Elliott of the CIA, and Tomlin of the Reapers are the main characters to remember. The Reapers are fantastic and represent a Black Ops group trained to take down Predators, though, at the start of the novel, they are working off theoretical and fighting drug cartels.

I found Roger Elliot's character to be most interesting as he has actually survived a Predator attack before. Having faced off against one in Vietnam. This, of course, led to him being black-listed and treated like a pariah as no one believed his story. But soon, he is proven right.

An interesting twist in this book is the change of perspective throughout the novel. Of course, we have the humans, but we also spend time inside the head of the Predator and get to see how he views the different flora and fauna of Earth and actually how much he respects nature and the hunt. I know we get this in the comics, but this honestly felt refreshing; it would be hard to do in a film, but I hope they will explore more in the future. Another fun aspect of the story is the politics with greedy double-dealings in the search to control advanced alien technology. It was also fun to see the mention Weyland-Yutani at this point.

Let's not beat around the bush. This is an action-packed adventure, the Reapers vs the Predator was some of the standout highlights of the story, and they really deserved more time on this side of it. They were so good and enjoyable to listen to that they deserved an extra 10 minutes to not feel so rushed.

Overall highly recommend it to any Predator fans reading this, plenty of action, plenty of lore/world-building and lots of violence. Go on and treat yourself. You will not regret it.

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Comic Review 162 // 2000 AD Prog 1326

Time to travel back in time, to a simpler time. A time before COVID (remember that!). Today we are going all the way back to February 2003. I am on a solid run of rereading 2000 AD, and I love it. Just look at the cover of this issue, a bright, eye-catching orange, showcasing Slaine in all his glory with a faded Molch lurking in the background. Is it hinting at the story today? Will we have revenge? Time to find out.

Strangely there are only four stories this week. Last week and before, we had five with Sinister Dexter, so I can only assume we have some longer tales this week. As always, we start with:

Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 6. Big Man of Mega-City One Judge Dredd goes toe to toe with a Xenomorph in this one. As Judge Dredd attempts to tackle the alien away from the children's ward, they smash through a window plummeting onto a Zoom Line. We have Dredd facing the Xenomorph only with flares on a high-speed bullet train in classic nail-bitter cliffhangers!

You all know by now I love the artwork, I love Dredd, and I love Xenomorphs. A great story to kick us off.

Slaine: Moloch Part 6. The last issue was brutal, and this issue starts a little slower as we have the funeral for Niamh. During this, we discover Slaine is standing down as the High King of Ireland, and he adventures off to track down Moloch. Jump forward one year, and we are in Albion watching Ukko get information for Slaine on the whereabout of Moloch; we then get an awkward farewell as Slaine seemingly says his last goodbye to the Dwarf sidekick.

Using the information given to him by Ukko, Slaine heads off to an arena to Face off against Moloch. Here Slaine grapples with the demon, and they both plunge towards a pit of Lava, and with that, Book One ends.

What an epic way to end the first part of the series. I will naturally assume Slaine survives but damn, how epic was that!

Caballistics, Inc. Going Underground Part 6. Following on from Miss Simmon's sacrifice, we discover things didn't go as Ravne expected. Instead, it would seem she became a conduit for maybe a demon? Either way, she helps purge the tunnels of the infestation and saves the other team members. As this series comes to an end, we discover that following this mission, the team is renamed Caballistics and that Mr. Ravne is actually a lot older than he appears and is possibly an ex-member of the occult nazi branch. Which explains a lot.

Interesting series. I thought I was coming into a fully fleshed-out story when in fact, it is just the beginning. I am excited to see where it goes.

Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water Part 6. A bit of a dull episode for Dante this week. After a classic love scene, we see him manipulated to help out the Black Dragons in exchange for the well-being of the two children. The most exciting part of this section was the title of the next installment: The Ballad of the Pirate Queen. Is this hinting at Dante's mother?

Overall this issue was good. Judge Dredd continues to amaze. Slaine was a great ending, and Caballistics, Inc. has me hooked. Dante was meh, but you can't win them all.

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Miniature Monday // Warlord games Kleggs

An exciting build and unboxing this week as I crack open the Klegg-Hai boxset by Warlord Games. Here are the full product details:

"Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-hai!" This chilling alien battle cry has echoed across a universe of battlefields, heralding the arrival of the nightmarish Klegg. Mercenary warriors over ten feet tall and resembling an enormous bipedal Crocodile. The Klegg is utterly ruthless in the art of war; surrender is futile as prisoners are not taken – they are eaten!

The Klegg first roamed the streets of the 'Big Meg' during the corrupt reign of Judge Cal. So feared were these vicious extra-terrestrial carnivores that Dredd's victorious Judges attempted to exterminate every last Klegg in the city.

Despite this, the Klegg are born survivors, and small groups can still be found deep in the ruins and slum blocks, ready to fight just for the pleasure of killing or selling their skills to any underworld maniac prepared to pay them; in fresh meat!

3 Klegg Miniatures

1 Unit Card

2 Big Meg Cards: "Klegg-Hai!" & Raining Monsters

If you are still interested, here is the unboxing video.

Comic Background

The Kleggs are a race of carnivorous alien reptiles, infamous in Mega-City One as the mercenaries that kept Cal in power.

Their ferocity, strange mannerisms and propensity for eating their foes dominate others' perception of them, but the Klegg Empire is a force to be reckoned with in outer space. Their society is essentially space empire is a rival to Earth's own. Formal education was rare and only for those born into the ruling high caste; rule of the Empire was gained through "time-honoured traditions of backstabbing and treachery."

They utilize Klegg-Hounds, alien dogs with crocodilian heads, which track enemies by tasting the ground where they have passed.

I am excited to paint these up. I feel these models will look stunning in bright blues, yellows and greens. Now to get basing! As always, thank you for stopping by and viewing the video. If you enjoy it? Please use the following link to watch more and subscribe:

Audio Review 58 // Alien: Invasion: The Rage War, Book 2

Wow, it's been over a year since I listened to Book 1 of the Rage War series. Here is the link if you want to catch up. I left this way too long, but we are back, and we are jumping straight back into the war. A quick catch-up first before we dive in.

We learnt about the Rage through the Incursion story, a group of early colonists who left aboard Fine Colony ships. Their goal was to go into the deep of space and discover new worlds to settle. Instead of a fresh start, they found a creature similar to a giant worm that latches onto their ship and advances their technology beyond current human levels. During this period, they also discover a way to control Xenomorphs and increase their own life span. Once in a position to attack, they head back to the inner sphere, and the Rage War begins. 

Title: Alien: Invasion: The Rage War, Book 2
Written by: Tim Lebbon
Narrated by: John Chancer
Length: 10 hrs and 29 mins
Fluff: The second original novel in an Alien vs. Predator: Rage War series, continuing from Predator: Incursion as Colonial Marines units are being wiped out - and not by the Predators. This is an attack by organized armies of Aliens.


Though set far into the future timeline, Tim Lebbon has created a brilliantly realistic scenario. I can't help but feel terrified for the colonial marines and the outer rim colonies as they are slowly overrun by hoards of Xenomorphs that are organized and able to be transported around. The settings of this story are varied and plentiful, but my preferred story arc is the one set on Hell. An ex-company space station is now completely independent. This is like a wild west space station, brothels, bars, drug dens; it's a fantastic location. I also enjoyed learning more about the Fine ships and life inside the Rage.

But the story has faults; there are now so many characters spread out over so many locations it can feel very disjointed. I don't know how you make it more streamlined, so I guess I should shut up. The other part that disappointed me was the first chapter save. Yes, I know plot armour is solid, but damn, it nearly ruined the story before it began. There is also a depressing arc in the story where we just watch a duo going from worst to worst scenarios. But I want to avoid spoilers, so I will be quiet.

Overall all Alien: Invasion is a great follow-up and another great Tim Lebbon story. I am ready to jump into the third story. Just have to wait for my audible credit, lol.

Buy via Amazon

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Book Review 157 // Paradise by Jonathan Green

Heading deep into the underhive once again. This time I get to experience a new author, Jonathan Green. His piece is titled Paradise, and it has us exploring the hive in a way unknown to me. In a strange turn of events, the setting is the most essential part of the story. It has us following an Orlock gang who uses an Ambot robot to dig through a hive wall after killing off a Goliath gang. They are greeted by the rarest of slights, green foliage as the Ambot breaks through to the other side! 

That's right, an entire hab zone full of plants. There are ferns, fungi and freshwater. As the group searches the area, shit hits the fan, and members start dying off. We soon discover that the infamous Bounty Hunter Nathan Creed is hunting them down to find out who hired them. Turns out this seems to be a continuation of a story arc I know nothing about. Who is Nathan Creed? I guess I best start googling and finding out what I need to read to find out. Overall this was an okay read, nothing mind-blowing. I rather disliked the idea of the Ambot being used again; this all seems like a marketing ploy. It also relies on the reader knowing who Nathan Creed is. As I think more about the story, I feel like this was sadly a bit of a miss. In no way terrible, just a general miss.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this relatively quick review? Feel free to comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details.

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Comic Review 161 // 2000 AD Prog 1325

I am really getting into these short prog reads. I promise Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 16 is coming. But for now, let us enjoy Prog 1325. Released way back in 2003 on January 29th. The cover is full of zombie goodness and actually has me intrigued by what is happening in Caballistics Inc. this week. So less chat, more reviewing.

Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 5.
What a fantastic romp this has been so far. The pest control team has been ambushed by the Hospital Xenomorph, and it rapidly chews through three members of the group. I love this story for a few reasons. 1) The artwork is stunning just love it. 2) The Xenomorph is deadly. We get to see them as the silent, stalking killers of our nightmares. One managed to maul up a Judge Team real bad, and the second is kicking ass and slaughtering its way through a hospital. Love it!

Caballistics Inc. Going Underground Part 5. Okay, so the cover had really nothing to do with the story. The team is still fleeing through the underground tunnels, heading towards the occult bomb that has reactivated under London. It would seem there is a way to defuse the device, but it will require Ravne to sacrifice someone - Miss Simmons. I am still enjoying the series, but this was a solid filler piece.

Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water Part 5. Dante is saved by the Black Dragons airships, who drive the forces of the Kraken away but not before the Kraken chows down on one of his crewmen's hearts while declaring vengeance on Dante (Crazy ass character). The Black Dragons mind, you don't seem much better, and soon Dante is in a duel and being his classic charismatic shelf. I like series; it is tempting me to pick up his early adventures and start reading them.

Sinister Dexter: Relode Part 4. Holy Moses has the boys trapped and outgunned in a D-Jump lab. Sadly for the duo, the professor is years away still from having a ready prototype. Luckily as the bullets fly, Billi has a fantastic idea of pre-booking a D-flight and the pair are saved as Manx crashes his craft straight into the lab, saving the trio and jumping out of that timeline. It is then revealed that they may have not been in their own history and instead in an alternate dimension. The story finishes with Holy Moses putting the moves on the professor. I have a strong feeling Holy Moses will be back to get the pair soon! Great little fun four-part story. Was nice to see the return of a classic character like Moses and his mafia-styled gang. I love the characters, and I really hope they return soon.

Slaine: Moloch Part 5.
Slaine still does not trust the Demon Moloch (rightly so he is a demon), so he enlists the aid of a seer to help him see the future. The seer seems unsuccessful before suddenly prophesying the actual future - steel chariots and birds, a demon trapped in crystal, no fish in the sea. Having heard the news, Slaine dismisses her slight and grows moody over Ireland's future. Wishing to be alone, Niamh walks the coast, where she is ambushed by Moloch; in a shocking scene, we see the demon stab her before raping her (this was a horrific scene). Slaine is worried about how long Niamh is gone and goes in search. Discovering her death, we have a rather heartbreaking farewell and an enraged Slaine.

Another solid Prog from 2000 AD. I am so glad I got back into reading these. I had stopped pre-2000 due to what I felt was a decline in quality, but these are some vital issues so far. Let's hope it continues.

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Miniature Monday // Warlord Games Wally Squad

Oh man, was I excited for this kit. Warlord Games have so far done a great job at supporting the Judge Dredd miniature game. Of course, with COVID and production issues, delays happened. But we finally got wave 2 or maybe wave three of miniatures. We are treated to three unique new kits; Wally Squad, Klegg-Hai and Mega-City Robots. This week we will be showcasing the Wally Squad. Have a watch, enjoy and be sure to follow me over on Youtube.

Inside this pack, you will find 3 Famous Wally Squad Judges:
  • Jack Point
  • Dirty Frank
  • Aimee Nixon
1 Unit Card (Wally Squad Judges), 3 Character Cards (Jack, Frank and Aimee) and then 2 Big Meg Cards: Face Change & Wally Squad.

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Audio Review 57 // Cypher: Guardian of Order by Gav Thorpe / Heart of the Conqueror by Aaron Dembski-Bowden / Censure by Nick Kyme / Bjorn: Lone Wolf by Chris Wraight

I am reaching the end of my current lineup of short audio releases from Black Library. It is entertaining tipping in and out of story arcs and catching up on some characters. But enough of my crap, let us jump in.

Cypher: Guardian of Order

Author: Gav Thorpe

Fluff: For a select few amongst the First Legion, the Northwilds of Caliban hold a particularly dark secret. At the command of Luther himself, young Librarian Zahariel accompanies Lord Cypher on one of his mysterious forays into the unknown depths. But an ancient evil is stirring once more, and, with rumours of galactic civil war creeping back to their homeworld, it may have already sunken its claws into the Dark Angels Legion...


Heading back to my favourite place Caliban and the Dark Angels. Finally, we get to catch up with Zahariel and Cypher to find out how shit is going down. We join the pair as they visit the Northwilds once more, searching for a suitable fortress/training ground for their ever-growing recruits. It is here that we retread the scene from Fallen Angels and discover a previously defeated foe returning.

I really enjoyed this story. I am a long-time fan of Gav Thorpe's Dark Angel stories, which cements my love for them. What is happening? Will we ever know the truth? Who are the back guys? This is exactly what a short story should do. It should grab you and not let go, and this does just that.

Buy via Amazon

Heart of the Conqueror

Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Fluff: The Navigator Nisha Andrasta has served the XIIth Legion for over a century. She saw the War Hounds reunited with their progenitor, Lord Angron. She witnessed the rebirth of the Legion as the World Eaters. She looked on in confusion and horror as the primarch joined Horus's rebellion, and now she has seen him betrayed by Lorgar Aurelian, becoming the maddened monster he was always destined to be. Now, as the character of the XIIth changes along with their father, what course of action yet remains to this loyal daughter of Terra?

In the core of a traitor ship, a heart still beats for the Emperor. In this story, we get a rare Navigator's perspective of the corruption of the Horus Heresy and how far one pilot will go to stay loyal.


Short and sweet. This is a story that could have been a lot longer. Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a fantastic writer and once again brings a stunning piece. The story shows how one individual can be the change a galaxy needs. Of course, it isn't a happy ever after story, but it gets the mind exploring a more expansive universe. This could have been an epic story, but instead, I am waiting for the next World Eaters story to be written by this legend. Please say there will be more.

Buy via Amazon


Author: Nick Kyme

Fluff: In the depths of Calth's arcology network, the Underworld War has raged for years. Aeonid Thiel, previously an honoured sergeant of the Ultramarines, once again finds himself in trouble – pitted against the daemonic forces of the Word Bearers, he has no choice but to venture back to the ravaged surface and brave the deadly solar flares that have scoured all life from this world. With a lowly Imperial Army trooper as his only companion, it falls to him to drive the maniacal Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd and his Warband from the overrun XIII Legion stronghold.


This was a big story with a running time of about 70+ minutes. This story was actioned pack, and I loved it. It continues the story arc of the Calth series and has us rejoining Sergeant Thiel as he hunts down the heretics on Calth. We also get to ride along with "norm" human solider in a rare turn of events. Showing us how Calth affects the everyday soldier. It was refreshing and turned out that the two men had a lot in common. Overall another fantastic short story. I am really enjoying this week's choices.

Buy via Amazon

Bjorn: Lone Wolf

Author: Chris Wraight

Fluff: As daemons swarm across the fields of Velbayne, bringing madness and Chaos to all that they touch, Leman Russ and the Rout stand arrayed against them. Packs fight back to back, brothers, protecting one another – except for one. The Lone Wolf, the warrior without a pack, stands alone. And somewhere on the battlefield is a foe against which he will have vengeance…


The final short for this week. Usually, I would only review three a week, but I could go through four as one was only 12 minutes long. I find, personally, I have a love-hate relationship with the wolves. In stories, they seem so cool, but it never seems to transfer into the games.

This is once again a concise story. Bjorn has his trademark claw and seems to be facing off against some daemons, but wherein the galaxy he is, I have no idea? All I know is that he is seeking a massive daemon to kill in a revenge hunt for the death of his pack brothers. I have to be honest and say I had no recognition of the names of the fallen, which also added to my confusion. I also don't remember much about the Bjorn story arc (sorry). Overall I feel this was the weakest of the tales this week. But still rather fun for the action pack romp that it is.

Buy via Amazon

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Book Review 156 // The Descendants (The Descendants #1) by Destiny Hawkins

Continuing my adventures into new to me titles and authors comes The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins. Following a brief chat with Destiny Hawkins via Instagram, she kindly donated an e-copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. I was going into this book pretty blind; all I knew was that there are two novellas and two main titles so far. Here are the details.

Title: The Descendants (The Descendants #1)

Author: Destiny Hawkins

Fluff: To be powerless…

I've always wondered what it would be like to step outside of the walls of Lytonia. They were meant to protect us from the dangers of the Wild Lands, but if anything, we were all being imprisoned. Especially within the heavily guarded walls of Monroe Academy, a school meant to teach us how to develop and improve our powers through severe methods using torture.

Pain is something that I suffer from almost every day, but in the Lighter Nation, I can't show any signs of weakness. Especially not in my condition. I'm surrounded by others with special abilities, none of which I have developed, and as a penalty for my lack of power, I've been branded a Null, a nothing, and at the time, the only one of my kind.

Suicide was becoming the better option next to living more and more each day. Being bullied, tortured, and in constant fear of being made a slave to my very torturer made breathing seem pointless… but then I met Soren…

And found myself fighting for air.

Page Count: 162 pages

Format: Kindle Edition


Now this book ticks a couple of my boxes, fantasy and the dystopian world; one issue I was worried about going into this title was the Young Adult apart. One of two things was bound to happen, I would love it and be on board, or it would miss the mark but be perfect for a teen audience. Let's see which way it goes.

Straight up, the setting is exciting and intriguing. The idea of the elites having a gift is nothing new, but the idea of harnessing and training the young "lighters" through the use of torture is utterly unknown to me. The world itself seems wide open for exploring, while the walls of Monroe Academy seem to hold enough secrets to fill multiple books. The initial chapters are slow-building, getting us used to this new world and the society within. It is also rather tense as Rayah struggles with torture, bullying, stress, and suicidal thoughts. This is some deep, dark reading, but soon the story pacing picks up, our lead discovers a broader world and one that seems to have a role for her to play.

A big downside to this story is the page 162 pages goes too quickly. This is appropriately the point, as it is meant to hold a teenager's attention, not mine. In my opinion, this book is perfect for that demographic, with plenty of teenage issues, drama and some action.

Am I going to rush to get the next title? No, I don't think I will, but I may be tempted enough to purchase if I come across it. What are your thoughts, something you would read or would you give it a miss? Let me know.

Comic Review 160 // 2000 AD Prog 1324

It's so refreshing to be reading progs once more. These short story snippets really capture my interest and help me focus just long enough to get things completed. With this in mind, let us jump into Prog 1324.

First up, the cover is damn impressive. We have Judge Dredd face to face with a damn Xenomorph; this fills me with so much confidence for the opening story. Let's go.

Judge Dredd - Incubus Part 4. Finally, we get some real action. Most of the search team is injured or down, and the Xenomorph is up in the rafters. Dredd being his heroic self climbs up to face off with the monster. In confusion, the Xenomorph drops to the ground, and an impetuous Judge Earl, Hi-Ex's the beast creating a massive acid explosion and eats a shit ton of acid. Epic story.

Caballistics, Inc - Going Underground Part 4. Multiple London underground stations are being overrun by otherworldly creatures. The specialist SAS squads are rapidly overwhelmed and killed, while our primary team is saved by Ravne using a Hand of Power. It would seem this new character Ravne is slightly distrusted by everyone but actually seems to know what is happening and hints at the cause due to Sonderkommando Thule and Nazi Occult Warfare. I wasn't expecting the story to head this way, but I am on board and riding this train!

Slaine - Moloch Part 4. Pretty straightforward issue of Slaine. Moloch is defeated in combat, and Slaine is forced to succumb to the will of the tribal elders and release Moloch in exchange for peace. Slaine rightly fears this to be a trick, and once left on the shore, he is left regretting his decision to bow to the council. I'm enjoying this story; it seems to be hinting at something big heading our way, but what?

Sinister Dexter - Relode Part 3. Our duo has teamed up with their past selves in an attempt to find a way home. Only problem is the Holy One, and his gang are close behind. Not much really happens in this issue. It helps to move the story along but lacks any standout details or action. Not bad, just not exciting.

Nikolai Dante - Hell and High Water Part 4. Pirate Captain Kraken and his ship are rapidly chasing down Dante's craft, and soon combat is joined. Dante takes a heavy toll on the pirates but not before the children he is protecting are taken. Lucky or unluckily (I'm not sure yet) for Dante, a new force arrives called the Black Dragons. With aircraft, they can force back the pirates from Dante, but are they friend or foe? Beautiful artwork and an exciting story. I'm excited to learn about the Black Dragons.

Overall, Judge Dredd and Nikolai Dante are the standout tales of this issue. The rest are good or above, so another solid issue of 2000 AD. I wonder how long they can keep the momentum going?

Want to learn more about 2000 AD? Why not start with the 2000 AD Encyclopedia (link is via Amazon, and I get a kickback). Thank you for reading, and if you want to chat more, come find me on Instagram.


Road to Necromunda - Lasgun Ganger

I am really digging these Necromunda models, having so much fun thinking up combos and how to build them. For this build, I knew I wanted an all Las-weapon ganger. Take a watch of the video, and if you enjoy it, please follow for more content.

Link to the actual youtube video:

Would people be interested in a more in-depth look at house delaque? Maybe even some list writing? Let me know in the comments below or comment on the youtube video.

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Audio Review 56 // The Divine Word by Gav Thorpe / Lucius: The Eternal Blade by Graham McNeill / Khârn: The Eightfold Path by Anthony Reynolds

I have about two more weeks' worth of Audio short dramas to listen to currently; I really hope you have enjoyed this series. This week's review is with a short story from one of my favourite authors Gav Thorpe.

The Divine Word
Author: Gav Thorpe
Fluff: Despite being prohibited by the Imperial Truth, the religious text known as the 'Lectitio Divinitatus' has gathered many believers from across the galaxy. Fighting alongside the Raven Guard Legion, Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort has long scorned those who seek to deify the Emperor. Still, a flash of inspiration leads him to question whether or not there are greater forces at work in the universe.

Review: This book is a follow-up of sorts to Deliverance Lost (an earlier Gav Thorpe HH novel); it follows up on the story of Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort. Once more, Marcus' powers come in handy as his visions allow him to foil a sinister plot by the traitorous Alpha Legion. But who is guiding Marcus, and how long can he keep his gift a secret.

As the plot thickens around the Raven Guard, Gav Thorpe can add even more layers in a legion full of secrets. I am excited to see how the story progresses and can't wait for the next Raven Guard title. Well worth the listen.

Buy on Amazon: The Divine Word

 Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster
Author: Graham McNeill
Fluff: Renowned as one of the finest duelists the galaxy has ever known, Lucius seeks ever more significant challenges against which to test himself. After the Emperor's Children Legion scattered in the wake of their primarch's apotheosis on Iydris, he finds his way into the domain of a similarly legendary swordsman - Sanakht of the Thousand Sons. But which of these infamous warriors carries the greater favour amongst their new masters?

Review: This story follows Angel Exterminatus and Thief of Revelations (both McNeill pieces). We find Lucius a little confused and angry after being killed (yep. He died) by a Raven Guard warrior. He is unsure if it is to do with Fabius Bile's experiments or cursed by the Dark Gods. With his ego damaged, Lucius seeks to prove his worth against the best swordsmen in the galaxy. His first challenge is a swordsman of the Thousand Sons Legion, and he pursues him on the Planet of Sorcerers within the Eye of Terror. Here he bests the swordsman but is ultimately thwarted by the intervention of Ahriman, who needs the warrior to help aid his own destiny.
This feels almost like a prequel for an upcoming novel involving Ahriman, so I am intrigued to see if I am right. A relatively short story but a fun $5 listen.

Buy on Amazon: The Eternal Blade

Khârn: The Eightfold Path
Author: Anthony Reynolds
Fluff: In the fighting pits of the Conqueror, Khârn and his fellow World Eaters compete in ever-bloodier contests of carnage and mayhem. As the Butcher's Nails dig ever deeper into their brains, the Legion has forsaken the Crimson Path. Now they walk a darker, more dangerous road: the Eightfold Path.

Review: Set straight after the Betrayer story, we discover a Kharn who, like his Legion, is coming to terms with what has happened to their Primarch. Like many brothers, he feels the butcher's nails digging more profoundly, and a growing rage builds within. The only release for himself is through bloodshed. Reynolds does a fantastic job portraying the World Eaters as Gladiators who are slowly losing themselves to bloodshed. He combines fast-paced action with a building tension that sets my heart pumping. This is an excellent listen and actually continues my enjoyment of the World Eaters following the title of Betrayer. It also has to be my highlight pick of the three titles reviewed today. I highly recommend buying this one.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed it? Feel free to comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details. Cheers to reading this.

Book Review 155 // Low Lives by Denny Flowers

I'm still cruising the Necromunda short story wave and loving it. Hopefully, by now, most of you are joining me over on Youtube for my Necromunda Delaque Gang videos (LINK)? If not, go look now, subscribe and then come back and finish reading this.

This week we hit up Low Lives by Denny Flowers, part of series two, Novellas released by Black Library. Let's get into the details.

Title: Low Lives

Author: Denny Flowers

Fluff: Caleb Cursebound, the Underhive's ninth-most-dangerous man, and his ratskin partner Iktomi are in hiding, having deposed the tyrannical lord of a Necromundan noble house. Pursued by relentless bounty hunters, the pair descend to the remote mining settlement of Hope's End, the last place anyone would think to look. However, they soon learn that all is not well in Hope's End; the people are being terrorized by a powerful Orlock gang and in desperate need of a hero. Caleb cannot resist the opportunity to prove himself, but some would see his reputation forever tarnished…

Edition: Kindle, 110 pages.


This was a fun story, the ninth-most dangerous man in the underhive was a great read. I love an anti-hero, and Cursebound ranks highly. While getting drunk, Cursebound stupidly agrees to aid a group of miners in getting back their mines from the local Orlock gang. Hoping for a pleasant exchange, the shit really hits the fan, and soon guns are blazing, and action is happening left, right and centre. This was a great short read, and I genuinely hope Denny Flowers is allowed another run with this character in Necromunda soon (Edit: It turns out I missed a book called The Hand of Harrow, now on my to be read list).

As always, I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details.

Looking for a great Necromunda read? Follow this Amazon link to Low Life (yes, I get a kickback, lol).

Cheers to reading this.

Comic Review 159 // 2000 AD Comic Prog 1323

Welcome back. I am in the process of reading the Complete Case files 16. It is an enormous ass tome, so it is taking a bit of time to get through. What that does mean is that we have time for another Prog review. Issue 1323 was released on 15th January in 2003, and the cover is dominated by a stunning, horrific face image of Moloch (the villain of the Slaine strip). Honestly, this cover creeps me out 100 fold. But time to compose me and get into the stories. Up first, Judge Dredd vs. Alien: Incubus (part 3). 

Judge Dredd has to lead a search team into City Bottom to discover where the strange unknown parasite came from. As the team searches an abandoned warehouse, they soon find another body and some corpses of weird spider-like aliens. Soon the shit is hitting the fan, and we have Judge downed by a facehugger, another suffering horrific acid wounds to her hands and a Xenomorph in the rafters! I loved this story the first time around, and I still love it. The artwork of Henry Flint is bright, clean and bold, while still giving the story a creepy edge. Genuinely love this series.

Up next comes Caballistics Inc. Going Underground Part 3. I'm still extremely new to Caballistics, and playing catch-up is hard. So far, I am enjoying the character progression, and I am at least getting a handle on the characters. It does seem London is under threat from Cthulhu-style monsters and not for the first time as it is mentioned that the SAS team had once faced off against Robotic Yetis!! This story is growing on me, and based on the last panel, we have a lot of action coming our way.

Then a favourite of mine is Sinister Dexter - Relode Part 2. The duo has time-shifted with Billy Octavo into their own pass by 15 years. The issue spends most of the time watching Octavo attempting to explain time travel and the dangers that come with it. Of course, the pair don't fully understand and royally mess up everything, killing an enforcer of the Crime lord Holy Moses. Not yet knowing who they are, Holy Moses gets ready to send out his enforcers to track down the pair. This is great. I am a long-time Sinister Dexter fan, and travelling back in time is an epic way to refresh the series. I am excited to see where Dan Abnett takes it.

Nikolai Dante in Hell and High Water Part 3 is next. The loveable rogue has seemingly had some adventures since I last read a tale, but we seem to have him facing off with a creepy pirate lord in this story. The artwork on this is stunning, and the story seems simple enough. I need to revisit some of Dante's earlier pieces to get into this tale, but I am definitely interested in seeing where it is heading.

Then finally, Slaine in the cover story Moloch Part 3. Those who have read a few of my blog posts know I have a love-hate relationship with Slaine. Pat Mills is a fantastic writer, and when his stories hit, they hit well. This is one of those stories. Ireland is slowly being overrun by Lizard/Fish monsters, and Slaine, at the head of an army, drives hard into their heart to kill the leadership. Slaine and Balor's epic fight scene happens, full of body horror and gore (great for the season). As the victorious forces of Slaine burn the dead, a new creature appears and seems to suck the spirit of Moloch into itself. This is a creepy, crazy story and an epic way to finish this issue.

This is an excellent issue; I really enjoyed all the stories and feel there were no duds. I will have one more prog review up before the next Complete Case Files is completed, so expect more next week. Until then, as always, I hugely appreciate you joining me. Want to chat comics? Comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details.

Cheers to reading this.

Road to Necromunda - Sniper Edition

The Necromunda bug (hopefully not an Ambull) has bitten hard. This series is starting to grow into a whole new beast I wasn't expecting it to be. I am slowly getting fully hooked to this game, but I am enforcing the rule of completing one gang before moving on to the next. With this in mind, I start the build on my first Champion - The Sniper. One of the icon characters built I wanted from the start was a sniper. I love the idea of a Delaque assassin perched on a walkway, waiting to pick off the unlucky rivals. So I knew I had to pick one. Anyways watch the video, give me a follow over there and say hi in the comments!

Let me know what you think and as always, thank you for stopping by.
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