Road to Necromunda - House Delaque - WTF am I doing?

Something a little new today. I have waited and waited but now seems to be the right time to enter the hive. That's right! Time to start Necromunda. I'm not sure how far down the rabbit hole I will go, but I had the urge to make some Delaques, so I dusted off the Rulebook and Gang War tomes, but honestly, I couldn't be bothered with the rules, so I just started gluing models.

I had this idea of Delaque's being akin to spiders and ultimately downright creepy characters. So as I was imagining how the boss would look I started to collect parts. I like the cane as a suggestion of age, but can use it as a shock maul, I wanted him bent over, he spent his prime crouching and creeping which has lead to the curved back. 

With these basics sorted it was time to glue. I hope you will watch and enjoy the video. If you can go over to Youtube and subscribe you would make this old spider happy!

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