Road to Necromunda - Ganger

Not much of a gang without a ganger.

So I have last week's leader built, but what now? Well in the rules it is rather clearly written out that for every special gang member you have: Leader, Champion, Juve you must match with a ganger. With this in mind, I built a gang member to chill with the leader. Enjoy the video.

Not a huge amount of thought goes into the creation of my figures. It is very much, what looks cool at the time. The only thing I knew was I needed a rifle, but here I was left disappointed. No actual rifles in a handheld configuration! Yes, there is a shotgun, but where are the autogun and lasgun options? All you get is an autogun in a holster, seriously disappointing GW. With little options, I plugged that on, along with a stubpistol and dagger to help round him out.

I see this model as a supporting character, guarding long tunnels as the others move in. But also wise enough to be prepared for some close combat fighting.

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