Comic Review 155 // Janus, Psi-Division Volume 2 by 2000 AD

After last week's Janus, Psi-Division review I was biting at the bit to get into the second issue. I was excited to see how Faustus would end and what other stories we would get treated to. With this in mind let us jump into this week's read.

Title: Janus, Psi-Division Vol. 2

Author: Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, John Freeman.

Illustrators: Paul Johnson, Adrian Salmon.

Notes: Originally serialized in 2000 AD Progs 1028-31 & Judge Dredd Megazine 2.56-2.61. Published 2014 by Rebellion


The issue started off strong with the final of Faustus revealed. I really enjoyed this story, I loved the idea of the Future creating the past to ensure the future happens so they can manipulate the past (confusing right!). The story was ultimately well-conceived and beautifully executed on the art front, I felt bad for Judge Mookie, but even he rose to be a selfless hero of MC-1.

It was at this stage that the disappointment hit. This was the final story of Janus in the issue! Yep, half a story. This disappointed me more than you could realize as I had grown fond of Janus and the artwork. From this point on we just had some Judge Karyn stories. For those who don't know Karyn and Janus were attempts at replacing Anderson as she travelled the stars. Sadly Karyn never really found herself and was soon forgotten by 2000 AD or used as a filler character. Her stories here aren't very interesting, which is unfortunate as I am sure they could have captured the audience's imagination. Sadly from my viewpoint, the artwork is jarring and I lose all focus on the story. I really wish these tales had not been included. I also wish they had made a big single volume Janus tale and skipped these stories completely. Oh well, can't win them all.

My final thought for this issue is that it is worth it for the second half of Faustus but then stop reading. The real question now is what to read next?

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