Book Review 154 // Sludge Harbour Payback by Justin D Hill

Continuing the Necromunda short stories run I am currently on. This week sees us reading a Justin D Hill story titled Sludge Harbour Payback.

Sludge Harbour Payback by Justin D Hill

Interestingly this story follows a character from the Necromunda Rule Book - Yar Umbra. I personally have not read that far into the rulebook to read his background, but I have seen his Forgeworld model and can confirm he is one creepy-looking dude with glowing eyes! A lot of his background is a mystery. Which remains so after reading this title. He is a Void-born human who chooses to hide his face behind a sack; it is due to whatever is under the bag that he was abandoned on Necromunda and now performs bounty hunting duties in the hopes of gaining enough credits to escape the planet.

The story itself is pretty solid, it has us travelling around a lot, and we discover how he ended up left on the planet. This is a very atmospheric story and keeps you intrigued by what is under Yar Umbra's hood. This is very much a character-building story, and I can see it being either a hit or miss with fans. If Ya Umbra intrigues you, it will be an interesting read for sure; otherwise, it may well be a miss as he is no Kal Jericho.

Buy the book: Necromunda Uprising.

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