Book Review 153 // His Terrible Visage by Gary Kioster

My short story reading is continuing at a healthy pace. I am really enjoying the freedom of not having to worry if I like a story or not as I know it will be finished soon. This has to lead to me taking some risks I may have avoided, one example is trying out new authors. With this in mind today I am reviewing a new to me, author and his Necromunda tale. So let's go!

Title: His Terrible Visage.

Author: Gary Kioster.

I am straight up happy for a Cawdor story, my main love is House Delaque (check out my youtube channel for Delaque fun) but closes behind in the rankings comes Cawdor. A house completely devoted to the God-Emperor and living off the trash of the other houses. To me, they come across as the ultimate underdogs.

This story is to be read as a reintroduction to the Cawdor way of life. But updated to the all-new setting. It showcases everything I enjoy about them, from the trash picking to only needing the will and glory of the Emperor to keep them alive. Though great from a lore angle I did find the overall idea a bit straight forward and I fear it should have just belonged in the rulebook on the fluff pages. Interesting to lore fanatics but can be easily ignored for better titles.

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Cheers to reading this.

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