Book Review 152 // The Birth of Hunger by David Annandale

Got a few short stories reviews incoming in the upcoming weeks. They are all from the Necromunda title Uprising by Black Library. Mostly release during the Dark Uprising game release they seem to follow a theme of making the rules seem exciting and interesting.

The first title in the series is The Birth of Hunger by David Annandale. This opening tale is only twenty pages long but God Damn! does it set the mood and make me crave more of Annandale's writing. It does a great job of introducing us to the all-new Corpse guild and the newest Necromunda gang the Corpse Grinder. This is a sticking and eerie tale following one man's descent into the ultimate horror of cannibalism. 

This is dark, seriously dark, even for the Grim Dark Future of 40K. It is so well written and captures everything that I love about the setting. This would be the story I recommend to friends to introduce them to the setting. It has really made me want to pick up the game, but can my wallet afford it?

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