Book Review 151 // The Entrant - Antigravity Racing League - Book One by Rock Forsberg.

As I continue to explore more and more authors in a world outside of Black Library. I joined up with a company called Love Books Tour. Their goal is to pair bloggers with small-time authors and together promote exciting new books. What does mean? Well it means now and again, I get a free book to review and I get to widen my experiences whilst helping someone out. Win, win. Now to today's book:

Title: The Entrant - Antigravity Racing League - Book One

Author: Rock Forsberg.

To kick-off let us discuss the cover. I am getting a serious 1995, PS1 Wipeout vibes from this. How could I turn down this book based on the cover alone? It captured my imagination straight away and the plot teaser was great. It seems to suggest that there is more going on than straight-up racing and boy does it deliver.

I’m sure by now you all know I love a little sci-fi and this is pure sci-fi. It introduces a galaxy that seems to be at peace (rare for my reads) and that has allowed for a galactic sport known as the ARL, to grow. The ARL or Antigravity Racing League is the futuristic version of Car Racing. The machines are scary, fast and have so many moving parts that can break. A large part of the book is dedicated to this, with heart-pounding qualifiers and races, but the plot is much deeper than the racing. We get to chart the starting career of an ARL pilot named Zane. Zane was the child of a famous pilot who spectacularly died whilst racing, and as Zane attempts to start his career, he finds his father’s shadow is harder to step out of than planned. Then as things seem to be improving for the young driver, he discovers a seedy underbelly to his much-beloved sport and is stuck deciding whether this is the sport he wishes to be a part of.

Hugely enjoyable, a solid story arc. That opens up further avenues of exploration in future books and I hope Forsberg is not too far off the second novel? I want to see where Zane is headed. Available now on Amazon:

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A #gifted book from @lovebookstours in exchange for an honest review.

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