Beer Review 163 // Peche Mortel Framboise by Dieu du Ciel

Is it obvious that I love Peche Mortel? It must be one of my most consistently drunk brews. I have at least 5+ a year of Peche and I can't see that stopping anytime soon. It is truly a delicious beer, so when I had an opportunity to get the 2019 pack I jumped at it. Inside I found the Peche Mortel Framboise and was instantly worried. I have a bad track record with fruit beers, especially raspberry so fingers crossed.

At 9.5% with coffee and raspberry, this beer is giving a lot. At almost two years old, I cracked the cap and poured. It is a crazy deep brown, almost black, opaque pour. The head did not hang around and fizzed away to nothing rapidly, leaving not much to look at or photograph. The aroma is delicious though, with raspberries shining through, closely followed by coffee and some sweet toffee. On the first sip, you are hit by the booze, but as the beer warms and your tongue gets over the 9.5%, you get some bold dark chocolate and some sweet molasses. The coffee is present in the finish, whilst the raspberry surprisingly has taken a back seat. The raspberry is confusing me as it is present in the aroma but not really the taste, so strange. If I was to guess I would have expected it the other way around. Shows what I know. This is definitely a smooth beer and very enjoyable across a whole evening, I do wish I had shared it though as a whole bottle of 9.5% is hard to do these days.

I really need to go buy some more Peche very soon. So maybe a Quebec trip is needed soon. As always I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details.

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