Beer Review 161 // Roman Candle by Bellwoods

Is it time for a drink? Ha. Who am I kidding, it is always time for a beer. This week I am cracking open a can of Bellwoods Brewery - Roman Candle.

Priced at a respectable CAD 4.42 a can this IPA is a staple of Bellwoods. It is one most of the beer nerds have tried at least once and is now readily available all year round. Here is Bellwoods write up:

Fluff: Roman Candle is the first IPA we ever brewed, back when we first got reliable access to Citra and decided to base a beer around it. Dry-hopped at the rate of our Double IPAs, perfectly balanced, and showcasing bright citrusy aromatics, “Rocan” has earned a place among our favourites.

6.8% ALC./VOL. | 473mL can


As you can see this pours hazy. The head is lively, but sadly rapidly disappears to nothing. The smell is great, some orange citrus and resin aromas float off the beer. In taste it is all that surprising, more citrus, melon, orange pith, I do lose that resin aroma though. It is stupidly easy to drink, not being too bitter in the finish and a four-pack soon disappears in an evening.

This is a great introduction brew for people new to Bellwoods, it will for sure spark interest and get people wanting to spend more on their beers without scaring them with a sour, which is the real reason to love Bellwoods.

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