Audio Review 55 // Horus Heresy Warmaster / Kryptos / Wolf's Claw

I am in love with these Horus Heresy short stories right now! I enjoy just being able to plug into an account for 30 minutes or less and get so entranced that I'm left desperately wanting more. This week we dive into three short stories: Warmaster by John French, Kryptos by Graham McNeill and Wolf's Claw by Chris Wraight. I trust all great authors to write a good tale, so let us see if they disappoint.

Author: John French
Fluff: In the strategium of the Vengeful Spirit, Warmaster Horus sets up his assault on his father's Imperium. He discusses his brothers, loyal and traitor, and his hopes and fears for the war he has begun...and whether or not he really thinks it can end it. But just who is Horus talking to as he lays out his plans for galactic domination?

Review: Wow, I know I said these are short stories, but at about 10 minutes long, this was painfully too short. It feels like the recap scene when you start a new season of a TV show. We join Horus on the Vengeful Spirit as he goes over what is happening in this war. He realizes he is paired with the brothers who he would have least likely chosen as allies. I did enjoy him comparing the different brothers against each other and who he would have preferred to fight this war with. It's intriguing to hear the realization that he is on a path he doesn't honestly believe in and that he must continue on it more out of pride and spite than actual belief.

It is an interesting listen, but I am glad I got it in a bundle and didn't purchase solo.

Amazon Purchase: Warmaster

Author: Graham McNeill
Fluff: Bloodied but unbowed, the Raven Guard and the Iron Hands fight on. In the wake of the Dropsite Massacre, the shattered Legions are still prepared to bring the fight to Warmaster Horus and his traitorous allies. On the doomed forge world of Cavor Sarta, two veteran warriors of the Imperium strike deep into the heart of the Dark Mechanicum's territory. With bolter and blade ready to cut down any who cross their path, they will seek out the enemy's most valued asset: the mysterious 'Kryptos.'

Review: This story has us deep in enemy-controlled space with Raven Guard and Iron Hands space marines. Following losses during the Dropsite Massacre. These Legions have paired up to strike down enemy strongholds and avenge their fallen brothers. I personally have been enjoying my time with the Iron Hands Legion, and this continues the trend. A very intriguing story as we experience a Forgeworld that has a soul and aids the duo, a nuclear meltdown, the use of a stasis device to survive the explosion. Lots of action-packed into this one. Another solid McNeill tale and worth the entry price.

Amazon Purchase: Kryptos

 Wolf's Claw
Author: Chris Wraight
Fluff: Caught by the renegade forces of the Alpha Legion and forced to take refuge in the Alaxxes Nebula, the Space Wolves are bloodied but unbowed. The young pack leader Bjorn – now known to his warriors as 'the One-Handed' – is desperate to recover his honour in battle, but replacing lost limbs for proud legionaries is not a task worthy of the Iron Priests. If Bjorn is to fight again, he must seek out new claws for himself and christen them in the blood of the traitors.

Review: Another short tale here running approximately 10 minutes in total. We get to continue the saga of Bjorn and his journey to becoming the Fell-Handed. This is a story of two halves; the first showcases the Wolves constantly fighting the enemy at the gates, barely having time to regroup before diving back into the next battle, but it also shows how the stress and constant battling are starting affect them all. Bjorn feels incomplete and missing a hand, goes against his Forge master's wishes and steals a relic claw to graft his arm. Though this will ultimately lead to him becoming a legend, it is a shame-filled way to be an honourable warrior. Surprisingly a good ten-minute listen, but after listening, I can't help but want more Alpha Legion!

Amazon Purchase: Wolf's Claw

These are all solid titles, and I highly recommend picking these up. I was torn between a favourite, but I feel Wolf's Claw gets the top spot out of the three. Do agree? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed it? Feel free to comment below or seek me out on one of the many social platforms I hang out on. Here is a quick LINK (Solo bio link) to my details. Cheers to reading this.

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