Audio Review 53 // Horus Heresy Shorts - Serpent/Riven/Veritas Ferrum

Tripleheader today! I am slowly working my way through a load of Black Library Horus Heresy short audiobook/dramas, I have collected over the years. Conveniently most of these also fall under the umbrella of Legacies of Betrayal book 31 of the Horus Heresy series. So I can at least save some money and not purchase that book hahaha. Let us jump into this triple feature.

Serpent by John French and read by 
Toby Longworth

The first of two shorts by John French. I have found his work in the past to be enjoyable, so I have high hopes. If I remember correctly I got this as part of the Xmas advent calendar bundle. It really doesn't push the series forward in any real way. But what it does give us, is a rare insight into the Serpent Cult of Davin. How this cult works and how corrupted they are. It is an interesting story to listen to if a fan of lore and knowledge, but not really needed.

Veritas Ferrum by David Annandale and read by Toby Longworth

So in theory this story came before my Damnation of Pythos review and follows the main characters from this tale, as they ventured into the Istaavan system. We see through their eyes the destruction wrought on the Imperial forces and ride along, as they make extremely hard choices like aiding their following legions when aid is asked for. I am surprising myself with how much I am enjoying the Iron Hand stories. I have never really been that fond of them, but I have to admit that I am finding them surprisingly enjoyable. It's a great story that I honestly wish I had done before Pythos. 

Riven by John French and read by Toby Longworth

My third and final tale for this review, see us still with the 10th Legion aka Iron Hands. Focusing on Brother Crius, who it would seem has spent time in jail with traitors. This is due to the Imperial Fists being over-cautious following the open betrayal of their fellow legions. To say he is pissed is an understatement. Soon at the request of Rogal Dorn, Brother Crius alongside a force of Imperial Fist head off in search of survivors in the void. Sadly for him, he discovers a dead Primarch and broken-spirited brothers. Once again another amazing Iron Hands story, full of heartbreak and pain, it also contained a great void ship battle that was worth the price of admission alone. I feel this is a great introduction to Crius and I really hope the Black Library team has allowed him to do more with him.

With this, we are done for today. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you take a moment to check out my social media channels and feel free to use the Amazon links to get your own copies. Thank you for reading.

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Serpent by John French

Veritas Ferrum by David Annandale

Riven by John French

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