Miniature Monday // Warlord Games Street Judges

Welcome to Miniature Monday. This week I am unboxing the Warlord Games Judge Dredd Street Judges. Want to own the kit? Please use this link to purchase and help support my blog: LINK

Street Judges are the product of many years' training and psychological conditioning. Training, which takes place in the Academy of Law, generally begins at age five. The Judges recruit promising children and grow their own clones. Judge Dredd is himself a clone of the Judges' founder, Chief Judge Fargo.

The Judges themselves are not above the law – a violation that would earn a citizen a few months in an Iso[lation]-Cube earns a Judge a twenty-year sentence, of as hard labour on Saturn's moon, Titan, after surgical modification to enable the convict to survive Titan's atmosphere.

The Judges are led by a Chief Judge and a Council of Five. The Judges have their own domestic intelligence division (the Public Surveillance Unit), and their own medical facilities. There are several specialist divisions within the Judges, notably the Psi Division, which consists of psychic judges used to predict the future and read minds, and the Tek Division, made of forensic scientists and engineers. The SJS (Special Judicial Squad) monitors and police the Judges internally.

In Judge Dredd's future history, the Judge System originated in the United States (see History of Mega-City One), but spread around the world. In most of these nations the Judges control all aspects of the government; but differ in customs: the Judges of Ireland, for example, are allowed to drink and smoke, or be married, whereas MC-1 Judges have virtually no private life. Corruption is endemic amongst the Judges of Brit-Cit, and bribery is often essential to progress through the ranks.

Judges also hear civil cases in each City Block, where they try compensation claims, libel, slander, divorce, alimony, and small claims matters.

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