Miniature Monday // Iyanden Wraithblades

It feels like an age since I did an Aeldari post. I have to be honest and say my love for GW has waned, but this is not a post-bashing rant. It's entirely the opposite, in fact, I love what they have been selling over the last two years but I am only collecting certain kits at the moment and so far nothing has jumped out at me apart from Jain Zar and the Banshees.

In an attempt to rekindle my love I am attempting to get back into my Iyanden force and dusting off some units. This leads me to today's post, Aeldari Wraithblades.

Here are some of the most feared Aeldari creations. Most Aeldari is repulsed by the idea of Wraith units, believing that the dead should be allowed to rest, but with a never-ending war, more and more spirits are drawn into the conflict. This is creating restless spirits whose anger grows with each recall to the living. It is these spirits that are drawn to the Wraithblades, those who feel the rage of Khaine inside them still.

Few Aeldari uses their true name of Klaivaulch, as it is believed to call down the wrath of Khaine on them. But when the spirit seers awaken these angry souls, it is commented how hot and bright their spirit stones glow, they are so energized that they become the ultimate fury, wanting nothing more than to engage the foe in combat. These units go to war with devasting close combat weapons like the ghost swords shown here. Usually wielded in pairs, they leave glowing traces in the air as they are swung. Like all Ghost Weapons, they can help guide the wielder's blows into the most vulnerable areas of a foe.

This unit has a Waveserpent begging to be painted and I feel now is the time to complete them! Drop me a comment of support and let's see if I can do this! Write me a comment and leave it below. As always I hope you enjoyed and will support my blog by using the link below.

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