Miniature Monday // Cursed Earth Raiders

Oh, look another Warlord Games unboxing! This time it is the turn of The Cursed Earth Raiders (Link to Buy: Tell them I said hi and that they should sponsor me lol). This box contains the more radical Mutie faction. These mutants dream of taking over Mega-City One and take every opportunity to raid the cities themselves, causing destruction and sowing terror. Due to the massive wall defences of the Mega‐Cities, an overland attack is nigh suicidal. Raiders who master the air have had the most success, suddenly swooping over the wall defences on a bewildering array of jet‐packs, skyboards and anti‐grav transports.

Contains 2 infantry figures and 1 vehicle with two crew, in Warlord Resin. 1 Vehicle Card, 2 Unit cards and 2 Big Meg Cards - Friendly Fire and Lemming Syndrome. I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully choose to come to follow me over on Youtube. Cheers!

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