Comic Review 152 // Brit-Cit Noir by John Smith 2000 AD

Finally diving back into some 2000 AD. I needed a refresher and felt they were the team to do it. So I went and purchased the download of Brit-Cit Noir. As a long-standing Armitage fan, I was excited to revisit the homelands and see what is happening on the shores of the UK. As always I appreciate you all stopping by for a read and those who have started following me on YOUTUBE.

Title: Brit-Cit Noir

Author: John Smith, Leah Moore, John Reppion.

Illustrator: Colin MacNeil, Tom Foster.

Fluff: The British equivalent of Mega-City One, Brit-Cit is a crowded metropolis that sprawls across southern England, the future Scotland of Cal-Hab and the South Welsh Peninsula. Buttressed by its own 'Cursed Earth', it is a bizarre vision of Britain old and new. Even before the Atomic Wars, Britain had more ghosts and ghouls per square miles than anywhere in the world - and now Brit-Cit is the focal point for an abundance of weird, occult occurrences.

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Style: Kindle, 96 pages

Well, that was definitely needed. So great to be back in the worlds of Judge Dredd and 2000 AD. There is just something so wholesome and enjoyable about their comics, it must be the British humour. But back to the comic, this is of course a Brit-Cit-themed comic meaning it is set in Britain (duh), which gives the authors some room to play. The forces of Brit-Cit are closest to normal cops as you will find, they are corruptable, paid, allowed to have relationships and a bit more open to mutants. They also have a system where you can buy your promotions so a lot of the higher-ups are useless (a bit too on the nose there 2000 AD).

The book is actually two short stories combined, to create a more out there book. Following the stranger side of future law enforcement in a Brit-cit world. It followed a similar process of Judge Anderson, showcasing cases not handled by the standard force and instead, needing specialists. The first title tale shows a creepy department headed by the horse-faced Inspector Strange, whose job is to look after the mythological creatures of the world. It was a fun intro story to the team, set in Wales and playing with folklore stories. It was fun if short read and has me hoping two things:

1) 2000 AD has more of them coming?

2) Warlord Games will make the figures for their game.

The 2nd story though longer, didn't hold me as much as the first. Still not a bad tale, but lacked what I wanted after the first. Overall an enjoyable graphic novel, but need more stories!

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