Book Review 148 // Aliens vs. Predator: Prey

Having finished the first Aliens vs Predator Omnibus, I was super intrigued to see how the book compared. I had to treat myself to the novel Omnibus (Amazon link: to find out. The omnibus is made up of Prey, Hunter's Planet and War. Which in theory is the Machiko Noguchi saga. But let us begin with Prey.

Title: Aliens vs. Predator: Prey
Author: Steve Perry
Fluff: Machiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge. Little did she know that not only would she have to run the colony, but she'd also defend it with her life.

First, the carcass of a spiderlike alien is discovered. Then a rancher's family is massacred. Finally, a creature unlike any ever seen before is brought to the colony medical center, near death. It soon becomes clear that not one but two strains of alien life have landed near the settlement of Prosperity Wells. One kind -- beetle black with shells hard as steel -- has been spawned as the prey in a deadly hunt. The other kind -- upright like humans but infinitely stronger and just as smart -- are the Predators. Between them are the human colonists, unarmed and vulnerable. With the entire colony at risk, Machiko Noguchi must choose between death and survival -- and may find her greatest ally in a Predator ready to kill her...

Page Count: 262 pages.
Style: Paperback.

Quick overview of the story, humans colonize the planet Ryushi. Completely unaware that it is actually the hunting groups of the Yautja race a.k.a Predators. Who happens to turn up and seed the world with Xenomorph eggs! Soon chaos reigns supreme and everyone is fucked!

Overall I really enjoyed this title. It is definitely one of the better written in the Aliens / Predator / Prometheus series. Which doesn't surprise me as it is a Perry novel. It does a great job at making the Yautja alien but very human in their ways and plot twists though easy to spot were well written and played out. This should and could have been an amazing 80's movie.

The main character Machiko Noguchi is great and we see a real transformation take place from a cold corporate drone into a lethal killer. I was however left a little underwhelmed by the xenomorphs capabilities as they didn't seem to act in a very lethal manner. Instead of preferring to swarm a target and get killed in quick order, maybe this is due to an abundance of prey?

Overall a surprisingly strong outing from this first story, I am excited for Hunter's Planet. As always I hope you enjoyed and will support my blog by using the link below.

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