Beer Review 160 // It won’t be long now - Guilty Remnant by Blood Brothers Brewing

Mid-week is hitting and it is hitting hard. Meaning it is time to crack a can and chill the f*ck out. This week it is a cheeky little 6% number from Blood Brothers Brewing in Toronto. The can as always is stylish and pretty on the eyes. Its simple colour palette speaks volumes and I am excited to be drinking this one.

The details

Name: It Won't Be Long Now - Guilty Remnant
ABV: 6%
Brewery: Blood Brothers Brewing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fluff: This "white stout” is brewed with all of the elements of a traditional stout without any roasted malts. Instead, we infuse this decadent, full-bodied ale with vanilla, locally roasted coffee and cocoa tea to provide delightful aromas of coffee and white chocolate. Contains lactose.


As I pour the can out I am greeted by a milky yellow coloured beer, which as it settles forms a decent white head that seems to fade a little too quickly. Coffee unexpectantly is leading the charge in aroma and taste, there is also a strong sweetness coming off, I know it is the vanilla but it is making me think of mainstream coffee shops and the flavour pumps they have. Overall it delivers plenty of coffee, plenty of sweetness and a creamy body. It did leave me wanting more, but not of this beer. It made me want a dark coffee stout, I feel the combo of lactose and vanilla ended up making it over-sweet for me. But this is very much a personal opinion and I know for sure people who will love this.

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Cheers to reading this.

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