Beer Review 160 // Fresh Start by Mikkeller

It's time for a beer! 

Mikkeller's Fresh Start - NEIPA - 6.4% - Fresh Start is a brand new Mikkeller creation for the Ontario market. It signifies a Fresh Start for our bar and restaurant partners as they navigate their re-opening and our commitment to supporting them when they kick their doors open.

This recipe was created in partnership between Brunswick Bierworks Head Brewer Colin Banting and Mikkeller Founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. A NEIPA brewed with Simcoe hops and experimental hop BRU-1; delivering a fruit-forward character of pineapple, stone fruit and blueberry.


Pours a very nice yellow with a lively head, that hung around throughout the drinking process leaving some nice lacing on the glass. Aromas are pretty delicious, with plenty of tropical notes which shouldn't surprise anyone, this has a standout hit of grapefruit in there as well. The first sip has you enjoying mango, orange and grapefruit note, not as in my face as I had hoped. It is rather subdued, to be honest, but covers the mouth well and leaves a pleasant taste. 

Overall a pretty good IPA. It is a well-balanced, juicy beer and I would happily order more.

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