Audio Review 49 // Alien: Covenant Origins by Alan Dean Foster

Something a little different for us all today. It's an Alien review ha!

In all seriousness, I get a little obsessed with the series, and currently, I am all about the Alien series. Movies, books, games, I am hooked. I am attempting to pace them so I am not just purely doing the same thing. But I can't resist for long.

Today's title is Alien: Covenant Origins. Cased as a prequel to Covenant and book 0.5 in the series with Covenant being 1. Here are the details:

Title: Alien: Covenant Origins
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Narrator: Tom Taylorson
Fluff: The Covenant mission is the most ambitious endeavour in the history of Weyland-Yutani. A ship bound for Origae-6, carrying two thousand colonists beyond the limits of known space, this is a make-or-break investment for the corporation and for the future of all mankind. Yet some would die to stop the mission. As the colony ship hovers in Earth orbit, several violent events reveal a deadly conspiracy to sabotage the launch. While Captain Jacob Branson and his wife, Daniels, complete their preparations, security chief Daniel Lope recruits the final key member of his team. Together they seek to stop the perpetrators before the ship and its passengers can be destroyed.

An original novel by the acclaimed Alan Dean Foster, author of the groundbreaking Alien novelization, Alien: Covenant Origins is the official chronicle of the events that led up to Alien: Covenant. It also reveals the world the colonists left behind.

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Style: Audible Audio
Listen Time: 8h 31min


A strange one is this. What we have here is a well-written, world-building novel to give Alien fans something to buy. It showcases the Earth that everyone wishes to leave, one full of pollution and decay. One lacking hope, one controlled by the corporations. If this interests you (like it does me) then you will enjoy the book. But if you are looking for Xenomorphs and horrors you may as well move on.

I liked the idea of Weyland-Yutani being unpopular due to this new colony mission, I like the idea of corporate sabotage, I disliked the idea of the Prophet. For those who care, I will attempt to withhold spoilers. But basically, the Prophet is having visions of demons and in an attempt to not draw their attention he creates a cult that attempts to stop the launch of the Covenant. This is where I have issues. As we know he is right, xenomorphs, predators, engineers, there are definitely demons out there. But we also know they fail as we have the film. Leaving us with kind of a pointless story would be perfect in a short story collection but as a stand-alone tale, it is lacking.

What we do get is a crime/action/mystery tale. Plenty of criminal activities, a couple of kidnappings and some solid gunfights. It kept me entertained on my walks to and from work and that is all I can ask for from an audible book. It had a lot of space to give us something more but it just fell short. Overall I love this series and I am happy to have it in the collection, but it also would not be missed.

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