Book Review 143 // Bug Hunt: Distressed by James A. Moore, Dangerous Prey by Scott Sigler and Spite by Tim Lebbon.

Just like that, we have reached the end of Bug Hunt. It was quite an amazing read if I am honest. I always worry about short stories, but so far I have had no real complaints. Some outperformed others but overall I have zero regrets about reading this title. I hope the final three tales hold up.

Distressed by James A. Moore. Moore kicks us off with a Colonial Marine story. A team of Marines lead by Captain Ogambe receive a distress call and head off to investigate. The ship in question has been struck by an object that is leaking a powerful light. Soon boarding party is on the stricken craft and discovers survivors sealed away in the rear of the craft, along with the bodies of those not lucky enough to make it to safety. It turns out the object is a mechanical sentient machine, that is actually consuming the ship! What a great opening story for the final three, featuring zero Xenomorphs. This left me with so many unanswered questions. What was it? Where did it come from?

edit: I did some research and the alien may have been based on the creature featured in Virus (a dark horse comic). Expect a comic review soon.

Next up is; Dangerous Prey by Scott Sigler. A rare story here as we experience a tale from the viewpoint of a Xenomorph! No idea what planet it is set (as why would the alien care?). All we know is, that a group of colonial marines have come in and killed nine of its kin. Lurking away to avoid further confrontation, it manages to grab an injured marine to drag back to the hive. Having completed its goal the drone starts to succumb to its wound. In this state, it is uncontrollably drawn to the Queen, which also seems to be on death's door. At the same time, the marine is getting treated to a face-hugger special. At this point, the story speeds up as we join a large group of Drones tasked with killing the marines. Which they do in style! This part shows how the aliens collectively work together and was a great interaction. This story ends with the birth of a new Queen, who is feed by the old Queen to pass on her collective knowledge.

Overall a solid story, not sure how canon it is story-wise? But was definitely fun to read from a Xenomorph viewpoint.

Argh! The last tale, I'm sad. Plus side it is written by Tim Lebbon, who has produced a few Alien or Predator titles. I have high hopes for his final tale.

So the final tale does not have any Xenomorphs! A sad time indeed. We are introduced to a group of Colonial Marines known as the Devil Dogs, their mission, to discover why the research colony of Weller's Well has gone quit. After landfall is made it is soon discovered the research team is all dead. Killed by extremely localized heat (little to no damage to the building). The cause, a small, fist-sized insect that can fly and spit thick lava-style flames. As casualties mount the Marines elect to ignore their orders, choosing to retreat and blast the site from orbit. Unfortunately for them, nothing goes to plan, with one of the marines actually having been bribed to secure a sample. Chaos ensues and one of the characters is left behind in error due to suit malfunction. As she scrambles to reach the squad she realizes they are leaving without her, with only one hope of communication she attempts to reach the communication station, only to discover a swarm of bugs blocks her path. Here ends the final tale.

I'm of two thoughts on this last tale.
  1. Great Sci-fi story following the marines, very enjoyable.
  2. No Xenomorphs. I wanted to finish on some Xenomorph action.
Have to restate this is a great story, if this was located in the middle of the book I would imagine myself raving in joy over it. But due to the urge to finish with some Xenomorphs, I am left feeling hollow.

This was a great fun series and I am so glad I took a risk on this book. I hope you have enjoyed the journey and will grab a copy yourself. As always, I thank you for reading. I hope you will take a moment to use one of the links, and help support the blog. Thank you.

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