Beer Review 154 // Aromatherapy by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Visiting an old favourite today. As should be common knowledge by now but I work for Beyond the Pale Brewing Company here in Ottawa. So I have a regular supply of brews. I try not to constantly review their beers as it is a conflict of interests, but during the summer I find myself sticking to what I love, hence today's long overdue Aromatherapy review.

Aromatherapy was a beer first released about 4 years ago when I started at BTP. Back then Vermont was killing the beer scenes with Hill Farmsteads and Heady Toppers dominating the trading scene. The brewmaster at BTP wanted a beer that could satisfy his IPA needs. With this in mind, they created Aromatherapy. The pour is a clear golden yellow, capped with a perfectly white head. It looks beautiful in a glass and reminds me of the pre hazy boi days. The aroma is inviting with full-on stone fruit characters and a fresh-cut grass backdrop. The flavour is balanced and bright, giving it a refreshing taste that makes you want more. Really enjoy this beer and always have a couple kicking around in the fridge for when the thirst is upon me.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you are ever in Ottawa come to say hi!

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