Beer Review 153 // Jelly King Strawberry and Rhubarb by Bellwoods Brewery

There is something so special about a Bellwoods Brewery Jelly King. I have always found these to be a delicious and refreshing brew. But when they combine with fruit they just go to an all-new level of amazement. This week I crack open Bellwoods Brewery: Jelly King with Strawberry and Rhubarb.

Straight up the pour is something a little different. Rather hazy, slightly orange with tints of red to the edging. The head is lively and bubbly white, releasing aromas of strawberry into the air. With the first sip, I would say the rhubarb dominates, offering up sour notes to offset the sweetness of the strawberry. I have the same problem with beer as I do with a lot of Jelly Kings... It always seems to disappear way too fast. I actually got to enjoy this brew as I started prep on McNulty and watched Tabletop Tactics. So ultimately this create beer paired wonderfully with a great evening.

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