Audio Review 45 // Nameless: Season One by Dean Koontz (Part Two)

Last week I entered the world of supernatural thrillers! I got hooked on Dean Koontz's fast-paced action/murder/thriller series. So here are books four, five and six. To read up on the first three use this link.

Book 4: Red Rain

In a town where the corrupt are protected, a bereaved mother seeks retribution for an arsonist’s deadly crimes. Only Nameless can help ease the burden of her grief—and satisfy her rage—in part four of this thrilling series.

After a suspicious house fire, Regina Belmont lost her two children, was left disfigured and was abandoned by her gutless husband. Brokenhearted and bullied into silence by corrupt officials, Regina’s only recourse for truth and justice is Nameless. There’s something about this case that’s breaking Nameless’s heart as well. But can he bear to remember why?

So I now feel Mr. Nameless is just a full-on vigilante now. He is in town helping a disfigured woman, horrifically burnt after an arsonist burned down her home, killing her two children. Turns out the town officials are corrupt and turn a blind eye to the plight of the woman. Why here comes Nameless to kick ass and get revenge! Like the earlier books, it is a solid tale, rather entertaining for something so short. We also get some more flashbacks about Nameless, which is starting to confuse me.

Good solid tale.

Book 5: The Mercy of Snakes

A series of suspicious deaths in a retirement home draws Nameless into the confidence of a terrified former resident—and into the dark heart of a shocking conspiracy. In part five of the Nameless series, it’s time to hunt.

Oakshore Park is Michigan’s most exclusive assisted-living community. Presided over by two killer angels of mercy, it’s also the go-to facility in assisted dying. For a cut, they make impatient heirs happy. Nameless must concoct a scheme just as cunning. But righteous retribution stirs disquiet in the avenger as light starts to shine on the black hole of his past. Should he welcome it or keep running?

A little change of pace here. As Nameless heads into old folks home for wealthy elderly people. It would seem one of the residents suspects foul play. As soon Nameless starts investigating some dark secrets come to light. Firstly it seems the Doctor in charge is taking payment to die off the elders for their children to inherit the wealth. But he is not alone, as his assistant and ex-stripper now turned pharmacist help him out. This is a dark look into modern society and is sadly completely believable. Great read and a really good ending.

On to the final story!

Book 6: Memories of Tomorrow

What strange science made Nameless who he is? What catastrophes have been erased from his memories? In the stunning conclusion of this series, the dark past comes flooding back, and Nameless must decide how much he really wants to know.

In Indiana, a murderous psycho has kidnapped his own six-year-old stepson, Jamie, and secreted him away in a subterranean cave. It’s become their bunker. For Nameless, the case is breaking down his defences, and it may force him to face his memories.

The finale of the season and what a finish! Nameless is tasked with rescuing a boy kidnapped by his psycho stepfather. The only issue is he is hiding out in some deep caves, that seem to have police crawling throughout them. This story seemed to be a lot intense and really dove into Nameless's past finally. The ending took me by surprise and left me wanting more. I feel season two will be on the cards very soon.

I found the Praying Mantis Bride, closely followed by Memories of Tomorrow to be my standout stories. With The Mercy of Snakes in a close third. Great series and a great step out of the norm for me. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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