Miniature Monday // Xenomorphs

Well, by now, you should all know I love a Xenomorph...nothing weird about that right? Right? Anyways. I hope you have all taken a look at my last post, Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. This will be a follow-up, with me building the xenomorph models. Which looks amazing for the most part! 

The sprue and instructions are very straightforward. Each sprue consists of four body types, with a matching base and these can't be modified. Meaning over the sixteen models, you have a starting point of four of each type of body. Each body is set a letter A, B, C & D and has two options of head per body (total of eight heads per sprue). It seems you have a choice between, open or closed mouths. Then finally on the sprue, you have the interchangeable parts. Starting with four left arms, four right arms, two pointing up tails and finally two pointing down tails. I personally used Superglue for these as I found parts tricky and wanted a fast bond.

But enough talking, check out this youtube video.

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