Miniature Monday // Unboxing: Aliens - Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Something a little different today. No finished figures this time. Instead, I  am gracing you with an unboxing video, for weeks, I have sat on the fence about getting this game. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. The game in question, Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps by Gale Force Nine. Here is my Youtube unboxing (if you have a chance please do give me a follow).

So far I am in love with the contents I wish the box was in better condition but I am moving past that. I plan on making more videos in the series so expect more in-depth content to follow on here soon.

Until then enjoy some pictures of the miniatures included in the box.

As always I thank you for stopping by and reading and if you wish to purchase this game, please consider using this link: Amazon

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