Comic Review 144 // Superman/Batman vs. Alien & Predator - DC/Dark Horse

We seem to have a theme this week Aliens! Yep with the arrival of the Gale Force Nine boxed game, I have had the booster shot needed to get back into the Xenomorph verse. This is the third in a line of DC comics I have been reading, which has so far seen Batman go toe to toe with Xenos. This time we branch out and get Superman and Predators joining the fray.

Superman/Batman vs. Aliens/Predator
Author: Mark Schultz
Illustrator: Ariel Olivetti
Style: Paperback
Page Count:112 pages
Commercial Fluff: DC's greatest icons, Superman and Batman, clash with the stars of the blockbuster Aliens and Predator movies from Twentieth Century Fox in a no-holds-barred slugfest the likes of which the universe has never seen. In this graphic novel, Batman discovers that the relentless killing machines known as Aliens and the unstoppable race of hunters called Predators have formed a colony that's been hidden away on Earth for centuries. They're now poised to overtake the world--unless the Dark Knight and Superman can stop them and get them off the planet! This volume is co-published with Dark Horse Comics.

Right, let's go! First up it a little silly, but a hugely enjoyable quick read. Predators and Aliens have landed on Earth and attracted the attention of Batman and Superman. At this point, you really need to feel sorry for the Xeno stars, how on earth can they defeat Superman? It does seem a little overkill to send out Superman.

But even though I know full well they will lose, I still found myself rooting for the Xenomorphs. This is truly written for the DC fans and lacks any real draw for the Dark Horse side. I found the predators a bit dull and lacking depth, whilst the Xenomorphs were pure cannon fodder and like ants before the powerhouse super combo.

At 112 pages I felt satisfied by the end. The artwork is stunning and the story for what it is worth makes sense. I just feel Alien and Predator fans will be left hollowed and disappointed. Overall a solid 3 out of 5. To make it better I feel you would need to drop Superman completely, swapping him out for a character that can die, to help increase the threat level.

I would say if you can get it cheap buy it, otherwise, just enjoy it as part of the omnibus.

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