Beer Review 151 // Juan Almonte by Bicycle Craft Brewing

Time for a fun beer from one of my favourite Ottawa-based breweries - Bicycle Craft Brewing - Juan Almonte. Described as a Jalapeno Pale Ale, I have had a version of this beer every release and have always enjoyed it. But for me personally, it will be the first time out of a can!

Let us drink up and enjoy!

The pour is a beautiful orange, dark yellow, with a bright white clean head. It looks like a really West Coast IPA at this point. On the aroma, I get an earthy green jalapeno scent, slight spiciness but nothing scary. On the sip it is very easy drinking, the flavour profile matches the aroma. Slightly earthy, slightly malty, with a roasted pepper taste. I didn't notice the building heat until about halfway through. I was also pleasantly pleased that it never went beyond this level. No sweating after finishing this beer! The finish is pleasant and with the gentle heat, it will make you want more, which you can do as it is only 5.2%. Overall another hugely enjoyable beer by this crew.

Okay at this stage I am going to sign off and go grab another can! Have a great week everyone and check out the following links to help support me.

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