Beer Review 150 // Breaking Bitter by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Hell yeah!. Doing a beer review from the brewery I work at, called Beyond the Pale. This is in my top picks of brews we produce and it came back this week, so I had to do a review. My opinions, as always, are my own. I hope you enjoy it!

Breaking Bitter is an English Style Bitter, and brewed in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As you can see from my picture, it pours a beautiful copper colour and has a thick, lively head of off-white foam.

As you stick your nose in you should be treated to a slightly more traditional aroma beer. This is a real ale, no hazy boi flavours this week. I get a malt-forward beer, slight biscuit notes, combining with a grassy floral hop. The first sip is refreshing and light and offers up a gentle citrus zing, that pairs with the malt sweetness. This beer has hardly any bitter finish and goes down way too easily. At 5.3% I can happily have a couple and relax with a book. This is a proper beer!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you are ever in Ottawa come to say hi!

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