WIP // Wednesday Eldar Guardian (or Aeldari) Aringhe Craftworld

Feel like I have fallen behind on my Eldar Craftworld Project. I got heavily distracted by the Strontium Dogs. So here I am declaring that I am going to paint an Aringhe Craftworld guardian. 'Aringhe?' you say. Who the hell are they? This is a very good question. When I googled Aringhe all I got was the word Herring, it is Italian for Herring. Turns out it appeared once in the colours of the Craftworlds article back in 2007, since then it has never had any additional background entered. All that is known is they are red and silver in colour. An interesting choice as you rarely if ever see metallic Eldar. Anyways, with it being a lesser Craftworld I thought I would keep it simple and just go straight up guardian model. There isn't anything that jumps out at me so I don't wish to use a fancier model on this project.

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