WIP Wednesday // Aeldari Bonesinger Part 2

Welcome back to a follow-up edition of WIP Wednesday. A couple of weeks back I introduced my Aeldari Bonesinger (follow the link), along with stating I was going to paint it up as Iyanden. Now of course the world never goes smoothly, so I didn't complete the model yet. I did however get the basecoat on. So that is your lot.

As you may be able to see, I started with a black prime and a classic Zenithal Highlight. From here I started applying contrast paints using brown, yellow, and blue shades. Overall rather happy with this quick paint job. My next step will be some highlights to make things pop and then hopefully get the base sorted.

Well, it was a quick check-in and I hope you enjoyed it. As always thanks for stopping by and reading. 

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