Miniature Monday // Warlord Games - Strontium Dog: Blubberlips

Hey everyone, time for an update! I've only gone and painted up another model. What on earth is happening? I've managed to get back into painting and painted more so far this year than I have in the last three years. Today I dip my toe back into the works of Warlord Games and 2000 AD and showcase Blubberlips from the Strontium Dog franchise.

Had a lot of fun painting this model, I started off with a black prime, followed by a zenith highlight to help show me shadows etc. Then using contrast paints I built up the colours until I had something tabletop ready.

Looking at the model I realized I had played too safe on the jumpsuit and instead went back in and built it up to a bold striking orange. I'm pretty happy with the final result and feel when I am ready I will go back and highlight the crap out of him. But for about an hour of painting, I am really pleased with the result. Here is a quick 360 video I posted on Tik-Tok of the final model. I hope you have enjoyed it and will possibly click one of the links after the video to support the blog. As always thanks for checking in.

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