Miniature Monday // Judge Dredd: SJS Judge Quincy

Welcome, to a fun new edition to my growing Judge Dredd miniature collection. Today I have SJS Judge Quincy by Mongoose Publishing, a part of their short-lived Kickstarter Miniature game. This came in a Judge Cal set so expect more of this set soon. Until then here is the low down.

Name: SJS Judge Quincy

Vital statistics

Position: SJS Judge

First Appearance: The Day the Law Died

SJS Judge Quincy was one of the many that were placed under mind control by the tyrant Cal. Under orders, he came incredibly close to killing Dredd and killed Chief Judge Goodman.


SJS Judge Quincy was among the many that were placed under Judge Cal's mind control. Due to this, he carried out the madman's orders without question. He led the arresting squad for Judge Dredd after he had been framed for the killing of a newspaper editor and photographer. Then alongside three other cloaked Judges, he was involved in the stabbing of the Chief Judge, after he left a rejuvenation clinic. During this conflict, the Chief Judge tore a button from Judge Quincy's uniform which he then passed to Judge Dredd before he died.

Cal then goes on to order Judge Quincy to kill Judge Dredd, which he very nearly does as he shoots him in the head with a sniper rifle, putting Dredd under intensive care. When reporting back to Cal, however, the newly instated Chief Judge notices a button missing from Quincy's uniform, Cal proclaims that if he can't dress properly he won't be dressed at all and so Quincy is forced to carry out his duties wearing only his boots, helmet and boxer shorts for the rest of the story.

His status after this story is unknown, I would presume dead or in exile.

The Model

It's a pretty comical model. Made of metal the figure is clothed in a helmet, boots, gloves, and is carrying the mark 1 lawgiver. As you'll see in the next photo the scale is pretty close to Warlord Games and passable for gaming. Given a quick basecoat of black primer, I highlight key points before using just contrast paints on him. From start to finish I spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes, I am rather happy with the results.

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