Aeldari Craftworlds // Aringhe

Time for a long-overdue Craftworld model. If you wish to see the models I've completed so far use this link! For this model, I had reached Craftworld Aringhe, and when I googled it without the word Craftworld, I discovered it was a type of fish! What on earth? So I tried again and found what I was looking for.

Turns out there wasn't much information. It declares it is a craftworld and has a single image that appeared in an old article titled Colours of the Craftworld. But beyond that, there is zero information. So using the image I found I went to work. It was a pretty easy paint job, with the main colour being a dark red, with silver plates and some spots of orange. As I started painting I knew I had to swap out the silver, I personally dislike metallic and can't imagine aeldari using them, especially as most of their gear is grown. So I swapped it out for a grey colour instead. In all using contrasting paints, I slapped some colours down in 45 minutes and was pretty happy with the results. Is this not a scheme I particularly enjoyed, meaning I will not be delving any deeper into this paint scheme but it was a nice change of pace.

As always I thank you for your support of the project and please feel free to use the links to help out.

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