Comic Review 142 // Batman/Aliens DC vs Dark Horse

Seems like an age ago when we did some xenomorph fun, so I thought it might be time to dive back in. Sat on my shelf with way too much dust is the collected volume of Batman vs Aliens. The first story is the feature of today's post and is originally called Batman/Aliens. Yep, great start already. Here are the details

Title: Batman/Aliens
The hook: After leaving Gotham City for the Amazon forest, Batman faces his newest challenge among the Mayan ruins as he encounters an intergalactic infestation of bloodthirsty Aliens, in a graphic-novel science fiction adventure.
Written by: Ron Marz
Artwork by: Bernie Wrightson

Well, who doesn't love a crossover? I actually enjoyed the Judge Dredd versions, so I have high hopes. I am definitely intrigued by how they will go about this, does seem weird to throw Batman into the jungle but let us see what happens.

The story is actually rather simple. A Wayne Tech geologist has gone missing in the jungle and as part of the rescue, Bruce Wayne has travelled south to give aid. This then allows Batman to sneak off and parachute into the jungle. Here the fun starts as he discovers a group of mercenaries searching a strange (instantly recognizable) spacecraft that is nicely parked by a ruined Mayan Temple.

We then enter the classic Alien horror story arc, the characters are picked off one by one, they all have dark secrets they are hiding, and you end up rooting for the xenomorphs to win! Unfortunately, Batman's plot armour is too thick and he of course survives. Overall a suspenseful story that takes a while before we even see a Xenomorph. But when they appear, they are being sneaky bastards, leading the writing to feel more in kin with the original film, as you start to fear the shadows behind the epic characters.
The best part and stand-out highlight for me has to be the final monster. The Xeno/croc hybrid. I mean move over Killer Croc as this thing will kick ass! I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for checking in. As always check out these links to help support the blog and me, it means a lot.


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