Book Review 134 // Reaper by Dan Abnett

Got to be honest everyone, struggling to read long stories at the moment. Not sure if it is the weather or I am in a slump. But luckily for me, I had the Bug Hunt novel filled with eighteen short stories.

This is the second story in the line-up and is by everyone's favorite author and comic book writer: Dan Abnett. Love me some Sinister Dexter and Gaunt's Ghosts, so I have high hope for this one.

We join a group of Colonial Marines from the USS Montoro as they are sent to investigate LV-KR 115. It seems like this planet was once a giant farm, with colossal machines processing the world. But now it seems like a dust bowl. The force of Marines separates into two fighting forces, the first is led by Captain Broome and the second by Lieutenant Teller. The story then follows Teller's group and we discover that his group is heading the main target as the Marine Corps is testing Teller's leadership skills.

Soon Teller and his team are inside and discover the machine in complete disrepair. Following some investigation, they found the outer doors had been sealed shut, they also keep finding pieces of metal like belt buckles just laying around. The mystery deepens once Teller's team reaches the control room. Here they discover the viewing windows have been scratched opaqued by something, and that the machine lost control about three weeks ago. As the team digs further they discover the machine had hit a buried object, damaging it. Turns out it was some weird locust lifeform that once freed discovered a world full of life, and when on a reproduction/eating surge until all life was devoured.

At this stage, Teller attempts to abort the mission, but it is too late the outer doors are opening and a buzzing noise heads their way.

Overall a great story had a small team of easy-to-follow characters. With Teller being the important one to remember. It had some nerve-wracking moments, and a surprise by the lack of xenomorph. It did show off that there are other threats out there in the galaxy and that for once Humans aren't the apex predators.

Highly recommend.

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