Beer Review 148 // Farmageddon: Saskatoon Berry & Blackberry

Time for a beautiful beer from one of Ontario's finest. Farmageddon by Bellwoods is an ongoing series of beers all based on the same wild farmhouse ale base. As the different batches are blended, the unique flavours from the Brett are imparted into the beer. To this, they added Saskatoon Berries and BlackBerries. The final brew is a 6.3% treat.

On the pour, it is a rich, beautiful red pour with a gentle pink foam head, that is fluff and bountiful. The aromas are intense, and fresh berries mixing with a slight funk make the mouth water. On the first sip you know it is a winner. Big, bold, jammie flavours that are tart, lip-puckering good. It finishes dry and makes you want more. This beer drank so smooth and wonderfully, I really wish I could drink this every day of the week.

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