Beer Review 144 // Peche Mortel Termopilas by Dieu Du Ciel

Adventures with Peps: Peche Mortel Termopilas - Imperial Stout
I've finally been getting into some of more aged stouts of late. This beer that I cracked yesterday was from 2018 (maybe left it a bit too long). It was a part of a Peche Mortel day 2018, four-pack special release. Titled Peche Mortel Termopilas: The Termopilas Péché is an Imperial Stout brewed with the coffee of the same name! The light roast softens the roasted flavors to let the nutty flavors shine through. The beer is also slightly more acidic than the classic Péché Mortel.

As you can see it poured a deep black color as you would expect from a Peche. I found the head faded very fast on this brew, but had a slight mocha hint about it. It wasn't as lively as a lot of Peche's I've had in the past, this may be down to me aging it though. As I lent in for a big sniff, I was greeted by coffee front and center. I personally didn't get a nutty aspect as they describe (most likely lost with age). Ultimately though this smells like a solid stout.

The first sip was enjoyable! I got the nutty aspect straight away, whilst the finish was like a good cup of brewed coffee. Easy to drink and rather smooth for a 9.5%. A found it a little on the thinner side of stouts, but damn was it tasty, the only bitterness seemed to come from the coffee and it just made you want to drink more!

Absolutely delicious and I hope they make it again! Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoyed my beer review?

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Brewery: Dieu Du Ciel
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