Audio Review 39 // Klaw of Mork by Guy Haley

I'm sure for you regular readers, you would have noticed that I am on a short listen spree at the moment. I've been struggling to settle into a long-form story. Lucky enough for me, Black Library is full of short tales and adventures. Today's read is no different, clocking in at an epically long thirty-six minutes. Just the right amount of time to walk to and from work. Let's get the details:

Title: Klaw of Mork.
Author: Guy Haley.
Running Time: Thirty-six Minutes.
Performed by: Ben Allen, Jonathan Keeble, Kris Milnes and Peter Noble.
Fluff: Sanctus Reach

The Red Waaagh! has fallen on Alaric Prime and the mekboys are working on Big Mek Mogrok’s cunning and brutal plan – to pull a comet from space with the massive and dangerous ‘Klaw of Mork’ and bring it down on the heads of the world’s human defenders. But when the humans fight back, Uggrim and Snikgob, two mekboys of the Red Suns tribe, see a chance to finish a conflict with an old rival and take advantage of the human attack to exact revenge... even at the cost of the Klaw of Mork.


First up let's embrace the fact that this was written to coincide with the release of the Sanctus Reach box set that included Evil Sun Orks fighting Space Wolves. Meaning it is a tie-in to a game and as such will have its faults. This book focuses on a trio of Mekboys, who all have a similar accent, making it tough to work out who is who. But it would seem two are allies and one an outsider who must not learn the secrets of the Klaw of Mork. Then to this mix, they are attacked by dirty humans giving them the chance to attack each other.

There was plenty to like especially the humour aspect of the Orks themselves, but the cons won out sadly for me. As mentioned I lost track of who was talking way too much, the voices were just too similar, and the story as a whole was too clean and tidy, it lacked something but I'm not sure what. For me, this was the middle of the road. Not bad, but not great either.

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