Audio Review 36 // Prophet's of Waaagh! by Guy Haley

Got a fun audiobook this week. Prophets of Waaagh! by Guy Haley. A story from the point of view of the Orks and Grots.

Dumped on a nowhere world by the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Red Sunz Mek mob are struggling to survive. When a call to Waaagh! rings out across the planet, the chance at survival, as well as some shooty-fun, beckons. But all is not what it seems. Only an ork with real orky know-wots can hope to overcome the False Waaagh…!

Written by Guy Haley

The End of Daze
Bozgat's Big Adventure
The Waaagh! Faker

At just over one hour long, I was surprised to find out it was three separate stories. The three tales follow the adventures of Uggrim, Snikgob, Bozgat, and Frikk. 

The opening story, The End of Daze, introduces us to a band of meks. They are having issues getting their stomper "Fat Mog" going and to make matters worst their weirdboy, Talker has gone on a solo wander. A good quick intro to the boyz but it seems to not reference why they crashed or the fact that they are linked to another book by Guy Haley. Overall good opening, needed more time.

Bozgrat's Big Adventure, sees Bozgrat and Frikks searching for the missing Weirdboy, Talker. As they search the desert, they discover a crashed ship once in control by the Blood Axe klan. As Bozgat investigates he discovers that the Grots had killed the Boyz off and are starting a Grot revolution! A fun nod to the old GorkaMorka game and the voice acting was amazing on this story. Hugely enjoyable and Grots rules.

The third and final tale, The Waaagh! Faker, is heavier on the action as we finally have a lot of fighting going on. We have the Red Sunz vs Bad Moons vs Mechanicus (the Red Guys) vs Astartes (Tinboys). In this mix, we also have some Imperial psyker tricks happening, as the Mechanicus and Astartes attempt to set a trap for the growing ork force. It was a solid tale with some comedy thrown in. I do feel the Space Marines are not needed. The Mechanicus would have been enough of an opponent for the orks, but it is 40k so I guess we need some of the poster boys.
Overall a fun solid audio drama. I understand at only an hour, time was tight and parts felt rushed, but this deserved more time, maybe 45 minutes apart to just flesh out things. I hope more of the Red Sunz happens in my future. The story is worth the listen purely for the voice acting.

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