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I have been putting this video off for far too long. A channel trailer for me seemed like a huge undertaking. Wanting something that showed me as a want a be creator. The problem was I know I don't currently have the skill set to produce that (or the equipment), so I had been putting this task off. That is until now! I realized I am better off with something now to help attract viewers and improve upon it later as I gain skills. This will have a two-fold effect: 1) I have a trailer to look back upon as I grow my skills and the channel, 2) It's an extra video to add to the collection, adding to my watch time and possibly gaining some more followers. So without further waffle here is trailer 0.1, hopefully, you will enjoy and consider giving my channel a follow: Youtube: Adventures with Peps

Instagram: Adventures with Peps

Tik-Tok: Adventures with Peps

Youtube: Adventures with Peps

Ko-fi: Adventures with Pep

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