WIP Wednesdays // Aeldari Bonesinger

Welcome to an all section on the blog: WIP Wednesdays. The idea of this segment is to keep my momentum going with painting projects. It will allow me to show a bit more of myself and let you all peek behind the curtain to see what I get up to.

To kick this new segment off, I have a seriously exciting model an Aeldari Bonesinger. I was very lucky that a good friend of mine had an extra and was up for selling it. I had stupidly missed out twice to buy direct from GW, so there was no way I was passing up a third time.

As you can see, the model was metal cast and unmade. It needed a small amount of cleaning up, before gluing the parts together, which all surprisingly fitted well for a metal model. Now with it fully made I am hugely excited to paint it up. I am hoping at some point this week, I can get around to painting it. The scheme will be classic Iyanden. Lots of yellow, blue, and bone. I hope to be able to show off the finished model very soon.

Until then let me know how you run these? Do you use the dated rules or run him as a Farseer? Drop me a comment to let me know.

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