Miniature Monday // Warlord Games - Nero Narcos 2000 AD

Whoop, getting through these Judge Dredd models at the moment. It is so nice to see models completed. This week I turn my attention to Nero Narcos the ultimate Crime Lord of Mega-City One. Here are his readily available details.

Full Name: Nero Narcos

Alias: None

Origin: 2000 AD prog 1141

Occupation: Leader of the criminal syndicate the Frendz

Powers/Skills: High Intellect

Goals: Conquer Mega-City One (Succeeded for a time, but was defeated)

Crimes: Murder/War Crimes/Robbery

Type of Villain: Crime Lord

Nero Narcos is a recurring antagonist in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the main antagonist in the story "The Doomsday Scenario". He was responsible for employing Vitus Dance and Orlok the Assassin to assassinate a rival criminal and also the man responsible for the Second Robot War.


Nero is a leader of a criminal syndicate called the Frendz Mob, the most powerful criminal organization in Mega-City One. After surviving but suffering bad injuries after an assassination attempt, his brain has been transplanted into an armored robotic body, and also the Frendz Mob has also been secretly sabotaging the new Judge weapon Mark II Lawgiver Firearms, which the Judges are already being issued with.

After Dredd finds out about the sabotage, before he is able to warn anyone about the sabotage, Nero proceeds with 'Operation Doomsday' which ends up being an all-out attack on the Judges in Mega-City One to overthrow them and take control of the city himself. Although Dredd and Demarco's discovery led to Nero starting his operation early, it was still successful as most of the Judges had been issued with the new Mark II Lawgivers. Legitimate Lawgivers have a safety feature that consists of a sensor in the grip which can detect the palm print of the user and an explosive charge so that if an unauthorized user attempts to fire one, it will explode in his hand. After Nero transmits a radio signal that will make all of the sabotaged lawgivers explode should the Judges use them. Hundreds of Judges were crippled or killed as a result and Nero proceeds to send the "Assassinator"-class robots city-wide to attack the Judges everywhere. The Judges were in complete disarray.

Later on, the Judges were losing the war badly, with Nero's robots slaughtering Judges and taking Justice buildings. Most of the surviving Judges are in hiding or fighting a guerrilla war since open combat is far too risky. Nero broadcasts the people will be rewarded if they inform on the Judge's whereabouts, but promises to execute anyone who aids the Judges. The war is going terribly for the Judges, with Nero's robots being seemingly endless with all the destroyed ones being replaced, the Judges dying in droves, Nero's robots have seized Mega-City One military satellites so he has access to nuclear weaponry and Nero also gained control of the Grand Hall of Justice and the Public Surveillance Unit, enabling him to watch the city and deploy his forces more successfully.

With help from Brit-Cit, Dredd and a squad of American Judges from the embassy go to the Cursed Earth outside of Mega-City One, where Nero has four spaceships land at that location, each containing thousands of Assassinator droids. Dredd and his squad manage to infiltrate one of the ships and reprogram the robots to fight for them and Brit-Cit destroys the other three ships, eliminating Nero's reinforcements.

Without reinforcements and under heavy attack from Dredd's reprogrammed assassinators, the Judges fighting back led by Deputy Chief Judge Hershey and Nero's robots suffering heavy casualties, the tide of the war begins to turn for the Judges and Dredd and his squad return to fight in Mega-City One. By the time Nero realizes he's defeated, Dredd's robots retake control of Mega-City One's military satellites, denying Nero his doomsday plan. Nero was gunned down in the street by a dozen Judges and they regain control of Mega-City One.

Such a badass character! Let us go over a few rules from the game about him. So Nero Narcos comes in at a sweet 19 Notoriety. Meaning he is meant to be roughly on par with a Street Judge. He has an okay stat line and will hold his own, but it would seem he is designed to be a supporting character with some great skills. Up first, Robot Control. With this skill, he can forfeit one or two of his actions to control an already activated robot giving them a bonus single action. Pair this with the Warbots and get an extra shot off or dive them into cover, which can be pretty clutch. His second skill Self-Repair Sub-Routines; allows Nacros to rapidly heal, meaning if you put him down you best finish the job or he will come back and then finally Who Needs Frendz, a passive power used at the start of the game to force your opponent to discard an armory card, instantly putting them on a back foot. He also has a short-range grenade launcher that I feel if you are using this you are either in trouble or pushing too hard with this character.

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