Miniature Monday // Judge Dredd - Nero Narcos' Assassinator Droids

Heading once more into the depths of Mega-City One and that cesspit Sector 102. I was staring at my Warlord Games Nero Nacros, when I realized I had two of his Assassinator Droids hidden away on a shelf from an earlier age (they are from the Mongoose era). Looking at these unfinished models filled me with a sense of dread and I knew I had to finish them.

In the comics, the Droids are a dull, realistic grey. This I could not live with, so I choose bold yellow and red to be their main coloring. I wanted them to say comic book death-dealing droid and I felt these were the colors to do it with. Started with a base primer of white to which I heavily coated in a yellow wash to give me a flat, solid yellow. Then simply with some red contrast paint, I picked out the eye lens, some wing panels, and one shoulder panel. To add some depth I used a brown wash to pick out panels and add some water damage. The bases are pretty straightforward, I used some torn-up corkboard and some wire to create a damaged floor effect. To this, I add grey paint before adding some washes of black and brown paints. These add some much-needed height to the models, to help them tower over their victims! Overall the paint scheme was nothing too serious and took about the hour tops, but I do now have two rather exciting-looking droids.

Nero Narcos' Assassinator Driods

Clocking in at a Notoriety of 22 each. These droids are a single point cheaper than a Senior Street Judge! But they come with some fearsome stats and equipment. First, up a shoot of 3, though not at a judge's level they do come two deadly weapons. Up first the Laser Rifle - Up to 24" range with Laser and Piercing rules, this weapon will hurt if it hits. Then on top of this the Inbuilt Rocket Launcher, once again solid range with the blast rule, high power and is able to use special ammunition. The weird thing with the rules that I don't understand is giving the droids Gunfighter? In the rules, you are allowed to fire back if you pass the test but due to its weapons how can you do that as they need to aim first...seems weird. It seems solid in combat with a good fight value and a super high resist, combining self-repair this thing will keep on going if given the chance! You have been warned.

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