Comic Review 138 // Strontium Dog: Repo Men

Looks like I am on the final tale of Strontium Dog. I believe that after this one there are no more tales as alas Carlos Ezquerra has passed away. This fills me with sadness at the thought of no more tales for Johnny, but I do understand, that it is best to leave the adventure unfinished in honor of such a great artist.

With this in mind, it is time to savor this last book and dive into Strontium Dog: Repo Men. With the 140+ pages, we have three stories: The Stix Fix, Repo Men, and The Judas Strain.

Set in the Aftermath of War Dogs, the Search and Destroy Agency is gone, mutants are no longer welcomed as bounty hunters. But this doesn't stop them from having a unique set of skills people still want to use. In the first story, The Stix Fix, we discover Johnny Alpha was captured and is being held with some of the other main characters in prison. Here Johnny is blackmailed into working for the North Koreans, his mission to rescue the kidnapped leader from the Stix clan. A great opening story continuing the mistrust of the Stix clan, as well as catching up on the characters post-war. It's a classic Stront tale with the job becoming more than what it started as and with Johnny attempting to keep everyone safe.

In Repo men, the main group is back together. Their goal: to reclaim the Rock (a giant asteroid space station) from a pirate group. Another great story that sees Johnny manipulating political groups against each other in an attempt to get what he needs. Strange aliens everywhere along with some great robots, this is truly a great tale.

Then finally the short story Judas Strain. Where we see Johnny and Durham Red teaming up once more. Of course, when Durham Red is involved the plan can never be straightforward. Plenty of double-crossing, blood, and gunfights in this fun little tale, not sure when it is set in the timeline though as they seem to be bounty hunters once again.

As with all the other stories, we are shown a big galaxy that is surprisingly small when it comes to the cast of players. It is definitely sad to think this is it, as far as I know, there are no more Johnny Alpha tales as Carlos Ezquerra passed away not long after this set. I think this is the push I need to start painting up more Warlord Games miniatures and to get playing some games.

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