Comic Review 136 // Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: The Project

I am still hitting the Strontium Dog series hard. With this title, we pick up the story arc after Johnny Alpha's death. This entire graphic novel is basically John Wagner basically attempting to undo the entire Final Solution Arc. Which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. With only 144 pages this does seem like a lightweight tale, but let us dive in.

The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha - The Project

We are re-introduced to Precious Matson who we may remember from Blood Moon (last week's post), in this tale she has become a biographer researching Johnny Alpha's life. In her quest to learn more she seeks out the loveable Middenface. Here we get a long overdue catch-up with the character and it turns out life has gone downhill for this Scot. Now a full-time alcoholic, we find out about the guilt he has suffered since Johnny's death. But after the big reveal that Feral brought Johnny's body back, we see a reinvigorated Middenface.

With this pairing, we get to enjoy some planet jumping adventures. We get a catch-up with Feral and watch as Wagner completely destroys this character. I know Wagner was not a fan but damn what a brutal ending. We then join them as they recover Johnny Alpha's body and using the power of some wizard rocks they bring back Johnny Alpha!

A solid opening story, made great by Carlos' artwork. Well written and done in a way that makes sense.

The second half has the newly risen Johnny being hunted by some Strontium Dogs and it sets up the tale for the second book in the series (which will come next week). But ultimately we discover a group of rich "norms" drugging food supplies to mutant populations with the goal of sterilizing the entire mutant populous. This of course does not go down well once discovered and it would seem Johnny Alpha is about to start another war.

A good story, which I know is the prologue for the next book. But it really felt like it ended way too bluntly. I am lucky as the next book is already in my collection, but if I was reading at the time of release I would have been pissed to see it end that way.

Then in classic 2000 AD style we a bonus strip:

What if...? Max Bubba Hadn't Killed Wulf". That's right in this alt timeline our beautiful bearded Viking wasn't murdered by Bubba. Instead, he has grown old and following some incident has been left paralyzed. It seems like a sad state of affairs for such a great character and though fun to read I really didn't see the need for it.

Ultimately another solid graphic novel. I hope the next title Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: War Dogs, lives up to expectations and answers some of the unanswered questions. Only time will tell.

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