Beer Review 142 // English IPA by Collective Arts

I can't believe this is my first Collective Arts Beer review! A good friend of mine purchased this treat for me, so it felt only correct to do a review. Let's crack the beer and enjoy.

English IPA - Mosaic, Citra, Nugget, and Chinook.

We put a modern spin on a classic style with our take on the English IPA! We played with the traditional English style and added a dry-hopping of Mosaic, Citra, Nugget, and Chinook for a pleasant fruitiness with a crisp, bitter finish.

ABV 6.5%

First, let's point out that color! A beautiful orange hue with a creamy white head on it, this hints at it being a malt bomb hopefully. The aroma is delicious, pineapple, citrus, pine, and a little toffee. The taste reminds me of Jaipur IPA by my favorites Thornbridge. It has a sweet, stickiness about the body, but the taste is lively and juicy. I'm getting pineapple, mango, some pine, then this leads into a malty, toffee, bready flavor that leaves a tongue coating bitterness that reminds you that you have an amazing beer.

Really is a delicious brew, so glad I tried and I hope we will see more of these in the near future. Only change I would personally make is: Put it in a cask! Damn this would be amazing as a cask pull, it would bring the malts out even more and give it a real mouth-coating taste. But then I remember I am in Ontario and casks are rare here.....

Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoyed my mini-review.

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