Beer Review 141 // Greetings from Girltown by Beyond the Pale

You may have noticed a lot of my beer reviews have been coming from Beyond the Pale of late. With us in another lockdown in Ontario; it has been hard to purchase fresh beer. This has meant most of my drinking funds have been spent on BTP brews, so I thought it would be a good time to show my employers some love on the blog.

Today's beer is Greetings from Girltown, a beer designed for and brewed on International Women's Day. All the recipe designing was created by Sarah, one of the BTP brewers. She was then assisted on the brew day by a few of the other female employees to create Greetings from Girltown. The hops are also special as they came from the Pink Boots Society. A group specializing in supporting women within the brewing industry. They assist from knowledgeable mentors to group meetings and all the way up to scholarships. Go seek them out and have a read!

As the label mentions this is a California Common, a beer style I haven't tried in a long while. If I remember from my Anchor Steam days this should be a nice malty brew.

Straight away I can tell this is going to be a nice malty beer, a beautiful reddish, amber pour, greets you in the glass. As the sunlight hits it, it looks absolutely stunning! A nice malty, caramel nose on this one. As you first sip you get a little hop character but it is intermingled with the malts. It is a nice rich caramel taste, with a slight sweetness that has you going back for more and at 5.5% you can enjoy a couple and not feel guilty. It also pairs wonderfully with some bbq sauced jackfruit! Highly recommend this brew, but I sadly believe it is now sold out!

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