Beer Review 140 // Party Animal by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

A long overdue beer, out of Beyond the Pale Brewing Company. Party Animal was a beer that once I tried it, I would never forget. Sitting at 10%, this is a beast of a beer. Many a crazy night has begun with one of these brews.

The beer pours a beautiful, hazy, copper orange, topped with a creamy tinted head. The aroma is boozy, with tinned pineapple aroma, all backed up with caramel malts. This smells like a big beer and is a sipper for sure. In taste it is surprisingly smooth. The inital hit as expected is tropical fruit notes; think pineapple, stone fruits, even a bit of peach. This slowly makes way for a sweeter caramel taste that coats the mouth nicely before a slight spicy finish from the yeast, clears the palette for the next sip. I am surprised by the lack of booze in taste, you definitely get some alchol warmth from it, but nothing crazy. I am starting to remember why this beer is the Party Animal. It is easy to forget this is 10% and before you know it you've had two cans and are suddenly the life of the party.

A really surprising beer that I highly recommend you try. Key highlights is that this will hit you are somepoint with the 10% so don't go to hard to fast. Otherwise sit back enjoy and become one with the party animal.

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