Audio Review 35 // Judge Dredd - Crime Chronicles: Double Zero

I'm really enjoying these short audio dramas by Big Finish. Two actors playing out a story, just make it so enjoyable and engaging. Here is the official write up:

Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Double Zero is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the character Judge Dredd in British comic 2000 AD. Unlike the main Judge Dredd audio dramas by Big Finish, the Crime Chronicles series acted more similarly to traditional audiobooks, with one actor/character narrating the story and summarizing most conversations, in this case, Louise Jameson playing Judge Cassandra Anderson recalling a recent adventure. Occasionally, a second actor interjects as another character, in this case, Toby Longworth voicing Judge Joe Dredd's dialogue. Ambient music and sound effects are also used in the production.

Notes: Set in 2132 and Judge Anderson is 52 years old.
Published: January 2010 by Big Finish Prod Ltd

As with most Judge Dredd fans, I am of course a Judge Anderson fan. Having read most of her solo comics. The story begins with Anderson forced to sleep normally rather than using the sleep machines, this leads to her having a "feeling" and with that she seeks out Judge Dredd. Soon we are sucked into the world of spies and foreign agents, all of who are seeking the pariah. Of course, Judge Dredd and Anderson find the objective first and are amazed to discover a child.

In the resulting chaos, the child releases a psychic attack, completely rendering Anderson a psychic blank. Now without powers, Anderson and Dredd have to seek out this child/weapon before one of the other Judge Cities and hopefully return her powers.

That is about as much as I can tell you without way too many spoilers. It showed off Anderson's strengths and weaknesses extremely well and was a great listen for about an hour. Now to seek out more audios, which annoyingly are like gold dust!

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